THE LABEL  An Independent multi-genre music imprint, working with  Rock, Soul, Indie, Folk, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop, Grime,  Drum & Bass, Dubstep and all forms BASS related music. Releasing music worldwide on both digital & physical formats. from Established artists aswell as mentored developed students from the Social Enterprise Arm of the Company. THE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE  A Social Enterprise Arm working with a wide range of young people from challenging circumstances in the local community with financial, behavioural, learning & emotional difficulties; Young people under 16 who have been excluded/are at risk of exclusion - we will work with young people who are referred to us who have been temporarily or permanently excluded from school to help them regain focus through music related projects Young people aged 16-18 who face elevated risk of exclusion - we will work with those who may be struggling in a mainstream learning environment to stay focused and engaged in learning through  music making & potential release via the saving grace imprint. Providing access to music & multimedia projects as a tool to engage young people in non formal and informal settings.  To develop their confidence, social skills & personal development to access other services,learning opportunities, volunteer work, opportunities for work experience & intern-ship or release via the saving grace label imprint The aim of our projects are to: Develop higher self-efficacy (i.e. self-esteem, skills, engagement and confidence) and resourcefulness in challenging circumstances. Solidify effective learning practice & etiquette with the host and partner organisations. Improve the standards of music delivery for children and young people Improve the creative, expressive and musical skills of children and young people Creative new pathways for challenging youth into education & employment in all fields Provide opportunities to exceptional students to join the roster of the Saving Grace label and start a musical career We will work with young people across the academic year, providing open drop-in music sessions in addition to more structured learning. CASE STUDY 001 - THE PROPER JOB THEATRE The Saving Grace Collective alongside Luck Lane Studios filmed recorded two performances at the proper job theatre which were then uploaded & sharing on youtube & social networks. AIMS:  The aim of the deliver a real world performance experience alongside an established artist, helping up and coming young musicians that my not ordinarily get to play alongside other musicians with experience. Also to understand the “what it takes” to peruse a career in the music industry, from the preparation in rehearsals to the very basics of just turning up on time. The band known as “The Savoir Faire” is a group if a range of ages from 20 - 35 in order to allow for members to be able to instruct each other and for a cohesive bond as a group. OUTCOME:  Check out the end result to our first project: