Sabira Jade

With an evolved style and an engaging soulful voice, Sabira Jade is a world experienced singer whose travels, experiences and inspirations have only made her stronger and an aural delight.
A diverse and fresh vocalist with an organic variety pack of sweetness to offer the music world and beyond! With a head full of poetry she is an exciting and patient artist standing out from the crowd, holding onto hope and expressing it with every note!


Ruby Wood (submotion orchestra)
“Sabira has one of my favourite and most admired voices ever! … Her voice and creativity seems to come from a place deep down in her soul almost like she is connected to a higher source…appears to come very organically and truthfully… “
A beautiful, sultry & soulful flow, Sabira has got a special sound, and she’s only just begun”

Blues and Soul Magazine
“An unexpected joy”
Fat Freddys Drop
“Her voice lifted my soul”

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