Below is a link to some fantastic new music entitled ‘Roots to Inspire’. This project was a collaborative effort between Sam Hodgson, Nigel Cudjoe, The Huddersfield Mission, The Huddersfield Community Gospel Choir, Christine Avis, Joel Robinson, Kirklees Council and The University of Huddersfield.

The music and lyrics were written in response to interviews with Huddersfield residents that were carried out online and at the Huddersfield Mission. The interview questions focussed on how people from around the world and from varied cultures can identify with ‘being from or in’ Huddersfield. The answers came from people who identified as being ‘from or of part’ India, South Africa, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, The West Indies, Germany, Thailand, Japan, South America as well as ‘all the world’, ‘the mud and the woods’ and more but everyone stating that Huddersfield is important to them in some way.

The resulting music is a diverse view of the town spanning through Gospel, Hip Hop, Folk and Blues and with excerpts of interviews from people living in Huddersfield. It includes singing/rapping/playing from people of the Huddersfield Gospel Choir, Savvy, Samh, Christine Avis, Joel Robinson and Lizzie Berchie.

Take a look at Documentary featuring the other artists involved in the project.