Samh Stripped Back

Join us for an intimate evening with Samh and his full band, expect a unique performance of the new album. “Fat Of The Apple” Stripped back, laid back, close and personal, this is the Samh band as never heard before.

The Samh band will be performing the entirety of their new album, Fat of the Apple. The album contains tracks that many fans will be familiar with – Animal, Toadstool, Split the Sky, Woodwork, Keeping Waves.

This is a limited capacity gig!

There are only 22 tickets available. Seats and tables will be provided for everyone.

The album can also be pre-ordered via Samh’s Bandcamp page: and collect from the gig – CDs, Posters, T-shirts.

A Wild psychedelic folklor band. Titled grooves, slippery bass lines, twisted instrumentals, and grough melodies. The new album grows like moss from a stone, like a toadstool from the soil. Warrens lead to galaxies and emerge again in forests.


The night also features support from In Amongst the Clouds

“A musical journey of short, lyrically ambitious, always direct and often whimsical songs.

In Amongst the Clouds

In addition, we’ve decided to do a special offer if you pay an additional £10 on your ticket you’ll receive a Samh t-shirt on the night that’s 50% off the normal listed price!!

You can purchase your tickets here: