RELEASES ASAVIOUR & DJ IQ: NO DAYS OFF (AKIRA KITESHI REMIX) FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV004 No Days Off the remix produced by the one and only Akira Keteshi Which is an absolute club smasher detuned synths, aggressive arrpeggiator, sub sonic bass and absolutely no quantize are the order of the day here, trust us this ones killer! Lifted from the recently released smash album The A loop Theory  “ NO Days Off” featuring Sir Smurf Lil & TB.  The track is being championed by DJ MK (Kiss FM/Roots Manuva) and has received solid support from Sarah Love (BBC 1Xtra / MTV) as well as many internet & Pirate Stations Like Solar, Pyro, Selector, Diesel Radio etc. Just check out a few of the quotes from the press: This double act reigns supreme! (METRO) A Must for All True Music Lovers!! –Dj Sarah Love ( BBC Radio 1Xtra/MTV) Awesome Brit-Hop from two world-class producers -FRONT 4/5 Outstanding!! – Dj MK (Kiss FM/ Roots Manuva) A must-have!! A musical leap forward – Mike Lewis (Hip-Hop Connection)  ASAVIOUR & DJ IQ: THE A LOOP THEORY FORMAT: iTUNES DOWNLOAD / DOUBLE DIGI CD PACK CATNO: SAV003CD The A Loop Theory is a collaborative project between Asaviour & DJ IQ. They have combined there productions skills an album of epic proportions create in a eclectic soundscape rooted in Hip Hop but incorporating Soul, Funk, Electronica Rock, Jazz, Blues, Grime,  R&B & Dubstep. With Asaviour & DJ IQ handling production and main vocals by Asaviour and many high class guests this album is a shear leap forward from the material you’ve already heard from the pair, Alongside the Album comes a limited edition bonus CD featuring remixes from a number of extremely talented artists from across the country from a number of different genres like House, Glitch Hop, Electro & Grime. The boys just wanted to expose some of the talent in this country that a lot of people may not have heard of. This disk should also intrigue & entertain you just like the original album.. Just check out a few of the quotes from the press: This double act reigns supreme! (METRO) A Must for All True Music Lovers!! –Dj Sarah Love ( BBC Radio 1Xtra/MTV) Awesome Brit-Hop from two world-class producers -FRONT 4/5 Outstanding!! – Dj MK (Kiss FM/ Roots Manuva) A must-have!! A musical leap forward – Mike Lewis (Hip-Hop Connection)  ASAVIOUR: LUST LETTERS (APATIGHT REMIX) FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD CATNO: SAV002DL Following on from the success of the Play to Win 2 CD we bring you one of the standout tracks from the mixtape the Lust Letters (RMX) produced by up and coming hitmaker Apatight of Ground Wurk Entertainment. The original  version appeared on the Superb debut album from Asaviour  “The Borrowed Ladder” which gained huge critical acclaim from a large selection of press & rotation from DJ's like Giles Petterson, DJ MK, Rodney P & Skitz, DJ Greenpeace, Ras Kwame, Mr Thing and Sarah Love to name a few. This new up tempo hip hop banger is set to up the ante again, this track is a cheeky, witty sometimes raw observation of kudos and the karma sutra, separating the queens and the skets is the process. Ultra dramatic piano stabs, pounding classic hip hop drums sit perfectly alongside an infectious bassline.  The truly astounding cuts are by Dj Millagram, which sound as if they took weeks to create, though we get the feeling this dude does this stuff in his sleep. Smatterings of Eddy Murphy, Jeru The Damaja, J Dilla & Classic blue movies make this a lesson for a wannabe djs. Thinking there gods gift to the turntables.. ASAVIOUR: PLAY TO WIN VOL2 FORMAT: CD MIX CATNO: SAV002CD You know the name!!! , if not you’re seriously sleeping. After the tremendous success of the Play To Win volume 1 and arguably one of the best albums of 2006 The Borrowed Ladder on Lowlife Records Savvy’s back with another murderous instalment of the Play To Win saga,  Play To Win volume 2.  Produced/ Hosted by Asaviour and mixed by Dj IQ the mixtape boasts a huge host of guests appearances, remixes, exclusives and rarities from TB, DJ IQ, Ric Branson, Jehst, Sir Smurf Lil, Last Skeptik, Dubbledge, Kaspa, Verb T, Yungun, Micall Parkinsun, Apatight, Jack Flash, Evil Ed  and many more believe us when we say this is statement of intent!  The Mix is cut and scratched to perfection by DMC Champ & Super Producer extraordinaire DJ IQ The man who brought you 2007s smash hit 8Bars Of Fire now applies his production talents to the mixtape exclusive The Aim. He also combines his production skills with Asaviour’s on the exclusive Venom in the Blood feat Verb T. Just check out a few of the quotes from the press: Every now and then you receive something in your life that promises a little bit of extra excitement. It could be a new porno (one of those nasty ones with plenty of spit) or simply a home cooked meal - Other times it is simply a new CD. This mixtape is definitely a wise investment if you like this sort of thing and much cheaper than a mortgage. 9/10 ASAVIOUR: THE BORROWED LADDER FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: LOW43/SAV You know him as Jehst’s partner in crime and from this string of Hip Hop hits: ‘People Under the Weather’, ‘Adventures in New Bohemia (remix)’, ‘Monotony’, ‘Money in the Bank’ and of course ‘The Homecoming’. Since his phenomenal entrance into the UK hip hop game in 2001 it's been nothing but heat from the big man from Huddersfield, receiving airplay from DJs like Giles Peterson (Radio 1), Excalibah, Ras Kwame (1Xtra), Dan Greenpeace, A diverse album that embraces all types of Hip Hop, it still swings easily from the warm emotion of Evil ED's ‘Field of Dreams’ to the raw fury of ‘Bangers N Mash’. This album delivers musically, lyrically and emotionally, lovingly crafted by an artist that loves his music. Enjoy.  ASAVIOUR: PLAY TO WIN VOL.1 FORMAT: CD MIX CATNO: SAV001 Asaviour made his stamp on the club smash ‘People Under the Weather’ by Jehst and featured on a succession of smash 12’s and EPs working with names like Jehst, Kyza, Kashmere, Verb T, Yungun, DJ IQ Mr Thing and numerous others.  To say this mix-cd is varied is an understatement; it travels from Old and New classics from uk front runners like Rodney P and Braintax to exclusive remix’s, radio spots up and coming talent and sneak previews of material from his astounding new album. But please make no mistake this is more than just a pre-cursor to his debut “The Borrowed Ladder” this is a mixtape of mammoth proportions, with over 30 tracks deep and over 70 minutes long its quite obvious that he and DJ IQ have done something special here.
SAVVY AKA ASAVIOUR: PLAY TO WIN VOL3 (ADAPT OR DIE) FORMAT: MIX CD CATNO: SAV005CD Emcee/producer Savvy aka Asaviour delivers the third & final instalment of the outstanding 'Play To Win' series the underlying Monika for the project is "Adapt or Die" and never has a title been so apt for such a wonderful artist. Here you'll find remixes from Savvy himself alongside the likes of Gorillaz, Dillon Francis, CSS and more, plus exclusive tracks with DJ IQ, Stac, TBear, Jack Flash & Gen Uchiha, he proceeds to unveil his future sounds. Requisite lyricism & world-class production are the order of the day here, hes no longer hinting at his worldwide potential he makes it quite obvious to see... Just check out a few of the quotes from the press: "I have to say that over all, from lyrics to production, it is a class piece of work" - Grizzle - The Daily Street "Savvy Sav AKA Hudd God" - Cmonts - Broke & Famous “My god he’s ended on a banger” - Fly53 “Savvy has a big vocal strength and presence that dwarfs most other MC's” - Gumball 3000
SAVVY FEAT JACK FLASH: JAILBIRDS AND JAILBAIT FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV006 Lifted from Savvy's recently released Play To Win vol3 mixtape Jailbirds & Jailbait is a subversive throwback Hip Hop track. The humorous often dark wordplay and and vivid story telling paint us a twisted picture of life up "norf" Its all set to a soundtrack of what we can only describe as Miss Marpel meets Ghostface Killer. Savvy is also joined by talented Jack Flash an artist blazing a trail at the forefront of the UK Hip Hop scene right now with his album Progression. He puts the icing on the cake with chorus that sums up the track expertly "Its a stress filled place, full of treadmill days, make a killing of a raise, but the rents still late...." .... this is twisted comedy hip-hop film noir...enjoy SAVVY FEAT TAPE THE RADIO: WHILE THE WATER FALLS FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV007 While The Water Falls is Savvy’s second single lifted from his brilliant Play To Win vol3 CD. This new offering is a moody yet up tempo jazzy foot stomper with a touch of a reggae sauce, sound crazy right? Produced by Savvy once again he shows his ability to create worldclass production that defys his humble uk hip hop beginnings. With vocals from Tape The Radio frontman Malcom Carson he delivers sublime yet heartbreaking performance that takes you through the age old story of mis-placed trust, unsettled arguments and the general messy nature that often comes with the territory of a relationship in its demise. Savvy, yet again, manages to draw on darker topics but his clever lyricism & wordplay ensure the track is excruciatingly easy to listen to and distinctly catchy. PRIDE FEAT STAC: THE RIGHT IDEA EP FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV008 Featuring North West London based rapper Pride & produced by Savvy aka Asaviour the track is lifted from Savvy’s Play To Win vol.3 mixtape. Prides laid back yet quick-fire flow is a fresh perspective on this generations selection of emcees, his witty yet conscious wordplay makes Prides performance entertaining from start to finish. Pride is also joined on the track by soulful leftfield songstress Stac who delivers beautiful chorus that is both ambitious and totally understandable at that the same time. Her intoxicating harmonies combine to take the track to real heights. The single comes as a EP bundle with awesome remixes from: DJ Q, Noji, Tony Phorse & The Whiteboys and XLII VARIOUS ARTISTS: HIGHEST FREQUENCY - Prelude EP FORMAT: SOUNDLOUD STREAM/ FREE BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD EP  CATNO: SAV009 Saving Grace Music introduces Highest Frequency: The Electronic Beats Compendium. Collecting precious gems mined from the deepest recesses of the hearts and minds of an eclectic group of producers, here emerges the resulting compilation of musical treasures. As an overture to the forthcoming album, we proudly present a delicious and enticing taster of what is to come, with the Highest Frequency Prelude EP.  Highest Frequency is a selection of electronic music from independent and unknown artists who possess undeniable musical gifts. This project was born from a desire to stand as a platform for their music, and is dedicated to all creative people everywhere. SAVVY FEAT ATHLETE & BLOC PARTY: POWERSKILLS EP FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV010 The ultra-catchy tune produced by Camp America sees Savvy collaborate with Athlete’s Joel Pott, who lends his vocal talents and Russell Lissack from Bloc Party who is on guitar duty,  The result is a unique fusion of jazz- spiced indie Brit Hop. The package includes remixes by Masters of None, Noji and Sticky Edit.. SAVVY FEAT THE LINDLEY INFANT SCHOOL CHOIR: WHAT WE REALLY NEED FORMAT:  ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV011 Savvy backed by his band the Savoir~Faire have collaborated with The Lindley Infant School Choir on this soulful, heartfelt number in which Savvy puts the world to rights, all topped off with the angelic tones of the choir this one might just tug at your heart strings!! click the link below to get a free (limited time only) download of the single.. HIGHEST FREQUENCY FORMAT: ITUNES etc & BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV012 Highest Frequency is a sonic journey into the continuum of electronic beat music. This is a global record, influenced by global sounds; Instrumental Hip Hop, IDM, Garage, Jungle and Dub. The producers showcased on the compendium hail from Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Bristol in the UK as well as Germany, Spain, the US and Mexico. Past digital compositions have informed its creation, and a desire to inspire the future unfolding musical expression of consciousness will be its legacy. ZOEY BROOK JACKSON: SIREN FEAT SAVVY FORMAT: ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, AMAZON ETC DOWNLOAD  CATNO: SAV013 Siren is an up-tempo modern day reworking of an old folk tale. Believe it or not the track sits somewhere between ‘Florence and the Machine’ and ‘The Ghostface Killer’. The mood is darkly melodic with a funky and eccentric twist. The verses contain a fragile, pensive feel as brass fares sound out the imminent and beautiful demise of the songs male protagonist. Layers of vocals and intricate harmonies collide, the depth of sound resemble waves crashing over your ears. The musical drama remains fast-paced and enticing especially when the huge chorus kicks in. Produced by Savvy (aka Asaviour), who also lends his vocal talents in the form of a cameo.