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THE STUDIO  We have recently joined forces with a high-end recording facility, equipped with an array of warm analogue equipment and cutting edge digital technologies. Situated in Huddersfield, we provide a bespoke creative hub for those wanting the freedom to express themselves without breaking the bank. For our clients, nothing is out of bounds. The studio, and its equipment is set-up in an extremely intuitive way to enable ideas to come to fruition quickly. This leads to clients being able to infuse their songs with what really makes a great record; freedom of expression. FACILITIES  1. An array of industry standard and custom built high-end microphones. 2. Full and adaptable acoustic treatment throughout. 3. A range of analogue outboard pre-amps, compressors, gates, expanders, compressors, EQs and effects including: Neve, Drawmer, Calrec, Focusrite, TC Electronic and Lexicon units. 4. 32 channel, 8 buss DDA analogue mixing desk 5. An assortment of rock, acoustic and folk instruments, percussion and amplifiers, as well as a variety of electronic toys to experiment with. PRICES  Studio hourly rate (Off-peak 10am-6pm): £15 Studio hourly rate (Peak 6pm onwards): £25 All day studio session (8 hours): £150 Rehearsal room (monthly rate, allowing up to 4 hours per week): £60 Rehearsal room (monthly rate, allowing up to 8 hours per week): £90 All studio hire rates include an in-house engineer. Mixing and mastering are charged at £30 per song, or £15 per hour, depending on the project. MAKE AN ENQUIRY