Bobbino is the artist name of Huddersfield-based Rob Allen; it means “little Rob” in Italian. Bobbino’s musical taste is inspired by everyone from Herbie Hancock and J. Dilla, to Beck and Aphex Twin.

Ever since he was little, Rob loved sound. As a child he made his first compositions using his tape recorder, an inbuilt microphone and a secondhand Walkman. “I would record stuff into this microphone and then play it back from the Walkman through some little speakers, record it again, and just keep degrading the tape going over and over again trying to construct stuff.” 

Graduating to producing the soundtrack for a film company in his early twenties, Rob obtained a copy of ACID music and spent countless hours learning how to make music, developing serious skills along the way. He is the father of Saving Grace’s youngest artist, DJ Marcel, and his equally talented brother I Am Xavier.

Bobbino’s forthcoming projects include the Pianos & Strings EP, and the Beats & Basses EP, as well as his next full length record entitled Album Three. Rob recently released his first record on Saving Grace, the EP Little Ambient Side Project Vol.1.

“It’s just about creating an atmosphere and space where you can go and engage with the music.”


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