Case Studies

The HF Initiative is an evolution of our vision from the first Highest Frequency project compilation with the goal to further nurture local talent by providing applicants with the skills & real-world experience in Music Production, Performance & Release, Event Management & Promotion.
Highest Frequency is a selection of electronic music from independent and unknown artists who possess undeniable musical gifts. This project was born from a desire to stand as a platform for their music, as well a a route for artist development.
Samh formed in the summer of 2012 with the release of a four-track EP that was recorded in a greenhouse. In 2013 Samh released the 7 track EP “Spin Us Still” From that EP Samh became a five-piece band that is still together now, releasing music and performing across the UK. In 2019 They signed to ‘Saving Grace’ releasing their extremely well-received debut EP entitled glowinglow.
Benaiah Matheson is a multidisciplinary artist from Yorkshire. We worked with worked with him providing advice, project management assistance & design, video editing, promotion & marketing expertise in order implement the promotion of his Togetherness Mural Project to the general public
& art institutions.
Together with Lisa Luxx we developed a music video & outreach campaign for her single “Girlgang” which was released on International Womens day.
Girl Gang was a crowd-sourced music video production & single release project. Filmed by the supporters & friends of Lisa Luxx as well as many women worldwide that felt an affinity to the project that wanted to contribute.
The aim of our O2 Think Bigger collaboration was to allow for the record label ‘Saving Grace Music’ and the social enterprise, ‘Saving Grace Collective’ to work within the local community by creating a music video. Allowing for a wide range of opportunities to be created for young people within the community.
The Saving Grace Collective alongside our project partners Luck Lane Studios recently planned and delivered a seven-week workshop session in conjunction with an organisation called Connect Housing and its residents covering the basics of Music & Video production.
Savvy & his collective band The Savoir Faire alongside our project partners Luck Lane Studios performed with thirty-six local children from Lindley Infant School Choir at Lotherton Hall just outside of Leeds
The Saving Grace Collective alongside Luck Lane Studios filmed and recorded two performances at the Proper Job Theatre which were then uploaded onto YouTube & promoted via various social networks.