One of the UK’s most thought provoking lyricists and producers, Savvy a.k.a. Asaviour possesses a unique and enthralling sound with a fresh original approach to composition and writing. Lyricist and producer has built a legacy within Hip-Hop that is uncontested. 

Savvy’s signature style has allowed him to break out of the confines of Rap without having to compromise the quality of his music. His most recent release, the Battle For Hearts & Minds has reiterated his ability to keep creating timeless music in an era of disposable industry-created music. His previous LP’s, The Borrowed Ladder and The A Loop Theory serve as markers in his artistic growth. 

“Impressive storytelling & songwriting technique…”


Savvy’s music has been supported by DJ’s and radio stations like Giles Peterson, Mistajam, DJ MK, Shortee Blitz, Adele Roberts, Sarah Love, Benji B, Huw Stephens, Alan Raw, Soho Radio, Reform Radio, Radio 1, 1Xtra, BBC Radio Leeds, Kiss FM, Radio X, Absolute Radio, BBC Asian Network, and Capital Xtra.

“The Human condition analysed in that cold up north flow, Savvy aka Asaviour takes risks and expands outside of his bread and butter in “the Battle For Hearts & Minds” with extensive, well rounded theater addressing the state of the world.”

Mololith Blogger

Enthralling performance, breathtaking music and thought provoking lyricism are what Savvy is all about. Savvy a.k.a. Asaviour is one of the most revered artists within the Hip-Hop scene in the UK and is a true representation of a honed artist in his prime.

“Dedication, ambition, braggadocio that works as sheer petulant arrogance but also as self perpetuating prophecy.”


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