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Why is a website so important when social media is everywhere? The answer to this is fairly simple its important to build a singular online front to house all of of your collective content.

Artists personal brand has always been closely linked to their success and in the era of social media and technology changing the way we interact with artists, fans hunger to know more is huge. On the other hand, the internet has presented artists with a unique opportunity to control their identity directly.

Social media is often cited as the top tool at artist’s disposal, but what about a traditional website? Although sometimes overlooked, a band or artist websites allows musicians to take full control of their work & identity

Overall owning a website provides artists with the opportunity to curate their personal brand more carefully than social media and provide their fans with a space dedicated to their favorite artists. It gives artists control of their content, brand and future development of their online space. So, rather than relying on corporations to provide them with an online platform, artists can dictate their own terms online.


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