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The new #TBFHAM t-shirt available now

With a new single imminent for release, Savvy drops an extremely limited edition exclusive t-shirt. But it’s far more that just a tee, when you place an order you’ll receive a free copy of Savvy’s new single ‘The Only Way I Know’ before it’s released to the public. And we’re not finished there – if you wear the t-shirt to any of Savvy’s up and coming gigs you’ll gain free entry. And that’s an offer that lasts for life! So go on, what are you waiting for…

Benaiah Matheson

The CITP in Huddersfield’s Byram Arcade is run by artist and designer Benaiah Matheson. It’s arguably one of the coolest shops around; his artwork adorns all four walls and the space is filled with his clothing designs and prints. Features Editor Charlotte caught up with Benaiah one rainy Tuesday afternoon to find out what inspires his art, why he doesn’t want to be a car designer and what on earth a fish envelope is…

Chris Benns

You may have spotted him on Professor Green: Unseen on Channel 4 last winter but Chris Benns’ style expertise stretches so much further than Professor Green. After leaving the Italian fashion school, Insituto Marangoni, in 2006, Chris went on to work alongside already established stylists which lead to his big break – UK stylist to the Scissor Sisters. He worked alongside their US creative team, headed by Zaldy Goco, at events such as the BRIT Awards and on their UK PR shoots which lead him to break into editorial work. I spoke to Chris about some of his celebrity clients, who he’d most like to dress and he offers advice to any wannabe stylists..