Olivia Sykes

We talk with designer, Photographer, Stylist, Creator of the “Girl Gang Jacket” featured in Lisa Luxx’s new music video & President of Snuggle City Olivia Sykes

Saving Grace 5 years ago

Hi Olivia thanks for sparing a few minutes of your time to talk to us, you’re a pretty industrious woman, tells us what you been up to lately ?

Well hello there,,, lately I’ve actually had a bit of time to myself, January is normally a quiet time in the film industry so I’ve been taking the time to get my life in order. i just moved house, back to my roots in huddersfield and I’ve been doing some what started off as just a personal projects but developed quite quickly. I recently had my heart broken for the first time in forever and i had to do something with my pain and my spare time, so i took up painting and i started painting nostalgic cartoon characters on a few bits i’ve made and well that has been keeping me pretty busy. i drop a picture below so you can see the vibe.

You’re stylist & designer right, How & when did you get into that field, what kinds of projects have you worked on i n the past?

What i do is classed as Costume Standby. Basically I’m a on set stylist, I’m there to make sure the artist looks good from every angle basically.

I started a trial at Emmerdale in the costume department and went on to work with them freelance. Then when Ackley bridge in 2017 (filming in halifax) came around and i got a job as the trainee working in the costume department and after that works been really good for me, literally just finished the most amazing period horror film with Director Chris Smith whom (if you’re a complete horror movie nerd) directed a film called ‘Creep.’

You created the “Girl Gang” jacket for Lisa Luxx’s new video, how did that come about, did she come to you with the idea already, or did you collaborate on the piece, have you ever designed for other artists in the past or is this the start of something new?

Ya know what this jacket, was totally spontaneous and i surprised lisa with the jacket once id started it. She just inspired me (always does / always has) and i wanted to do something special for her project. At the time, i just recently picked a up a paintbrush as i was saying earlier and i sell various vintage bits on ebay and i bought the jacket in Krakow in Poland and I’ve wanted to paint for ages and the two ideas for the jacket just merged one night and i just got it out and started working on it.

So yeah i have never painted anything for an artist before, however i have styled lisa a few times for various events.

So tell us what snuggle city is all about, this your own range of clothing right?

Yesss Snuggle City is my baby circa 2013. Snuggle City is a cosy lounge wear brand. My signature piece are my fluffy pjs bottoms and as well as super comfy dressing gowns, eyes mask and oversize Ts. but we got some cool shit cooking up. Dog clothes & fluffy slippers & the comfiest hoodies so add us on insta @snugglecity to join the cosy gang.

What inspired you to take such a cosy approach to your clothing? its quite unique..

Because cosy is life. i don’t know about anyone else, but comfort is one of my main priorities and what better way to spend a life. then make shit you love.

haaha, wow theres so so so so so many brands that who i love and inspire me. um to name a few, Discount Universe, Namilla, Ashish, Pam Hogg( she’s just a icon) & ofc Tessa Metacalfe jewellery.

Are there any particular brands that you love or are currently inspired by? ( please don’t say supreme!!)

Are there any particular changes or shifts in the independent fashion field that you feel have really helped you build your brand &
Equally anything happening that you feel hinders you?

I feel a positive shift is that theres people out there that don’t wanna buy fast fashion, that wanna support there artist friends and love things that are a little bit extra price wise but worth the purchase because the moneys going to a small independent hard ward individual rather than big destructive fast fashion fuckers, these people our the main infrastructure of my business.

I also feel like the arts council could always do more. I mean theres so many empty spaces in my local town which aren’t been used. no art spaces or studio spaces advertised . where is our local creative hub outside of the university

And then the obvious, the greatness, the ease of being able to share your products with a large number of people is very powerful tool, but like everyone else the fucking algyrthim messed up my Instagram game so without those comments, likes and shares you’re buried under neither everyone else dreams.

Friends that have voices and stature in the socail media are also powerful tool. Call in the them favours, be cheeky and say whats on your mind.

Right I ask everyone this question.. basically if you could travel back in time and chat to a 10 year old Olivia Sykes what would you tell her?

aha this is good one i can see why.

I would say

” What you like sleeping in for? Get the fuck up, stop sleeping in, write down your ideas and then do them. Don’t sit on them, get them done, because if you don’t, someone will do them before you.”

oh and don’t fall for non of his BS!

So whats next on the cards for Olivia Sykes, anything we should keep our eyes open for in 2019?

Wellll i got a small snuggle city capsule collections dropping this week.

1 of 7 hand painted one off nostalgic treats so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Ive got another nice cosy release of fluffy stuff for Snuggle City 2019′

some other hand painted jackets also like the girl gang one, which I’ve been really excited to be doing get @ me on @oliviasyked if you want to buy one or have a custom one made.

And yeah the release of sometimes always never will march 2019

“the Banishing’ no trailer yet but should out soon sometimes this year.

go check that out, mwah…

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