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Today we talk to multifaceted Bhangra legend & DJ Deepsta ahead of his DJ sets alongside DJ Jagga at the new Bhangra Night at the Lawrence Batley Theatre..

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Today we talk to multifaceted Bhangra legend & DJ Deepsta ahead of his DJ sets alongside DJ Jagga at the new Bhangra Night at the Lawrence Batley Theatre..

Hello gentlemen, thanks for agreeing to speak with us today…

So your Bhangra night at the Lawrence Batley Theatre promises an “underground experience” taking us back to the “DAYTIMERS people loved and cherished.” Can you elaborate on what this means for you and the kind of Bhangra experience you’re curating for the audience?

We wanted to create an atmosphere of a ‘pop up club’ experience, similar to the Daytimer events that we used to hold back in the day. Daytimers were vibrant Bhangra-and-bass underground raves held by the youth of the South Asians diaspora growing up in the UK.
These events were attended by thousands of ‘Desi’ youths growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s. They became part of a massive cultural movement in Britain and generated world class DJ’s and singers.

You’ll be bringing a mix of contemporary and classic hits, and the phenomenal Neetu on Dhol drumming, how do you think your set will complement the overall vibe of the night?

Bhangra music is in my blood, I love listening to everything from Old school Panjabi folk songs to contemporary hip-hop style of Bhangra. To be honest once Neetu starts drumming I’ll probably let Jagga flex his skills whilst I jump on to the dance floor; I can’t resist that Dhol beat once it gets going!

Can you each share a personal story about how you got into DJing and what initially drew you to Bhangra music?

Jagga and I are cousins and our Grandad was a Panjabi folk music singer and we always had music blasting in our houses, especially on family occasions. I began dj’ing at Daytimers when I was in Year 11 and at that time I was using everything from cassette tapes, vinyl, CD’s and Mini disc’s, it was a pretty mad set up but as long as those Bhangra bangers were keeping the dance floor pumping, that’s all that mattered.

The Night is all about revisiting the DAYTIMERS era. Are there any specific tracks or artists from that time you’re particularly excited to share with the audience?

I’m hoping to play some of Balwinder Safri’s song’s as since his passing some of his music means so much, more and is a precious reminder to have fun whilst we still can.

In your opinion what’s the biggest Bhangra banger guaranteed to get the crowd moving?

I love it when I drop the collab between PBN and Miss Pooja, the women go pretty crazy on that one.

Your dream Bhangra collaboration (artist or genre)?

Sounds a bit crazy but I would love to hear Kuldeep Manak with a Drum ‘n’ Bass vibe, with Elements of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and maybe a sprinkling of Prince. Ooof,

Can you share a story about a particularly memorable Bhangra event you’ve DJ’ed or attended?

I remember going down to the Dome in Birmingham with some friends and it was the first time Jazzy B was performing in the UK at the Bhangra awards. As soon as he walked on stage everyone started walking off the dance floor because of his appearance, (he was extremely funky) as soon as he started to sing everyone rushed back onto the dance floor, he smashed it that night. I was able to have a good chat with him at the bar afterwards as he hadn’t reached his dizzying heights of his fame back then. What a night!

Where do you see the Bhangra music scene evolving in the future? How can DJs like yourself help keep the genre fresh and exciting?

I’m an avid supporter of keeping folk elements of Bhangra alive as well as celebrating the other side of the coin; contemporary artists such Diljit Dosanjh, Sukha, AP Dhillon and many more are breaking new boundaries with their music, films and performances at festivals like Coachella, it makes me very proud.

What message do you both have for the Bhangra fans who will be joining you on 17th May?

Put on your dancing shoes and bring your friends, it’s gonna be a night to remember.

Where can we find out more about your music / work?

I usually carry out my Bhangra work at the LBT so keep an eye out for future events.

Thanks for your time sir, and all the best for the event!

Tickets for the Bhangra Night are available here:

Tickets from £9.

Doors open at 8pm

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