Positive Con & Edie.B

We catch up with South African producer Positive Con & vocalist Edie.B oFf the back of their new single release “I Want You”

Saving Grace 1 month ago

Hi there guys, can you introduce yourselves?

Connor: Hi my name is Positive_Con (or Connor to my mates) I am a DJ/Producer from Cape Town.

Edith: Hey! my name is Edie.B (or Edith) I am a singer songwriter and bassist from London and New Zealand 

How did you both get into music, how long have you been recording & producing, respectively?

Connor: My father got me into EDM at a young age and I began producing in 2019, once I realized that school wasn’t my strong suit.

Edith: My dad used to play vinyl for me every Sunday morning and introduced me to different genres, helping me use music as an escape from real life. 

How did you guys meet and start working together?

We met on our first day of college while we tried to navigate Logic Pro. Rather unsuccessfully.
What are your individual musical backgrounds and influences?

Edith: I started singing lessons in year 2 and did grades, I was obsessed with adele and her emotion behind her lyrics which helped me to write me own music and start playing guitar which i then I moved onto bass I then realised I had a classical voice so I started classical training to help with my singing technique.

Connor: I started producing mainly dubstep and house, and then once I moved to the UK in 2021, I really got into Drum and Bass through raves in East London. From there I hollowed out my sound and began focusing on Drum and Bass. My influences are probably Hedex, Andy C, Wheel UP and Bou.

How would you describe the sound you’ve created together, like what genre would say it is?

Connor: When writing the track, I wanted to experiment with making a DNB track that used breaks in the main chorus. From there I wrote the melodies, chords and drums. Once they were done, I expanded and started thinking of getting Edith on the vocals.

Edith: I wrote my lyrics about my boyfriend who is playing drums on the track, at 12am while Connor was sending the a voice message on how he would roughly want the melody to sound I then fit the lyrics to the melody, I wanted to make the build up the most important part of the lyrics as its when you really get into the song.

What are your creative processes like when writing and recording music?

Connor: For me I usually start with some chords and add in drums. Make it into a chorus and then expand outwards.

Edith: I try to start with some piano melodys and then progress onto chords, I then make up a bass line and record it, with writing songs I always try to base the lyrics on my personal life so I can really get my though process through to the song. It’s all about what’s happening in my life at the specific time.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single “I Want You”?

Edith: For me, with the lyrics it was about my boyfriend and how I think about him all the time and how I want us to last until death do us apart. 

Connor: I wrote the melodies and whatnot with the idea of having an emotional tone to it, but originally for me it was about making a melodic break chorus.

What was the songwriting and recording process like for this song, how did it all come together?

Connor: I originally began with the base chords for the song. After getting my mate Azaad to help me with some of chords I started formulating the rest of the track

Edith: I usually write down my lyrics on a piece of paper and sing it to the music and change it if it doesn’t work or I come up with something better, I normally go through each verse about 3-4 times to make sure that I am confident with the lyrics 

What can you tell us about the music video for “I Want You”?

Connor: I have been wanting to do a VHS style video for quite some time, but only now have the opportunity due to the track being signed by our friends at Saving Grace.

Edith: our music video is a representation of our friends hanging out and our lives in London.

Your new single, ‘I Want You,’ is now out. Can you tell us a little bit about the song and what inspired you to write it?

Connor: It’s a romantical vibe mixed in with a mainstream jungle/dnb chorus. It then transitions to more a club/Jump Up tune in the chorus. Jump Up DNB is a massive part of my musical profile and I always try and incorporate it into my tracks.

The press release for ‘I Want You’ mentions that the song is about, can you elaborate on the theme and how it’s reflected in the song’s lyrics and music?

Edith: I find myself thinking about Sonny (my boyfriend) nearly all the time which inspired the first line of the song this helped my inspiration with “I want you” as I always take inspiration from my life when writing songs.

 You’ve both been involved in music for a while time, and you’ve each had your own unique experiences. How have your individual journeys shaped your sound and your approach to making music together?

Connor: My love for raves and initiation into London vid squat parties and motives meant DnB was drilled into me the month I immigrated to London. I feel this experience really shaped my approach to Bass music and how I make it

Edith: I started copying other musicians voices which helped me find my own voice as an independent artist, which also helped me not be limited to only one genre of music, making it more inviting to sing on Drum and Bass tracks 

‘I Want You’ is your first release on Saving Grace Music since your appearance on Highest Frequency Vol. 2. How has that experience impacted your approach to this new single and video?

Connor: Knowing the type of sound Saving Grace curates, I was thinking of sending the final bounce of the track even before the track was finished. My last release on Saving Grace was my first ever label release and therefore Saving Grace has a really special place in my heart.

.The video for ‘I Want You’ is also coming out in March. Can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind the video and what you hope viewers will take away from it?

Edith: Connor and I want our video to feel personal and relatable and intimate for teenagers, we also want to show how much we enjoy life at a music school and our friendships with each other.

A little random one I always like to ask people, if you could travel back in time and meet a 10 year old version of yourself, what piece of advice would you give them?

Connor: Use Ableton you naaier! 😂

Edith: haha stop being so hard on yourself you can sing pretty well 

And Finally, can you give us a sneak peek into what’s next for you both? Do you have any plans for releasing more new music in the future?

Connor: Been focusing on more hardcore Techno and Jump Up since finishing this track. My mate Azaad and I planning a collaborative EP but don’t want to get too excited as we are still finishing it haha.

Edith: I am releasing an EP in November/ December which I am collaborating with a few friends, it is about my personal life and will have a range of genres between the 4 songs. with a intro and outro.

Thanks for your time guys, great chatting to you!

Connor: Thanks for having us!

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