Benaiah Matheson

Benaiah Matheson is a multidisciplinary artist from Yorkshire his namesake clothing brand features his own symbolic alphabet…

Benaiah Matheson is a multidisciplinary artist from Huddersfield. His namesake clothing brand features his own symbolic alphabet and is an intersection of everything he is curious about – art, military clothing and workwear, food, fitness, music, and family heritage.

The Saving Grace Collective worked with Benaiah providing mentorship, project management assistance and design, promotion and marketing expertise in order implement the delivery and promotion of his Togetherness Mural Project to the general public and art institutions.

The project centers around importance of both social welfare and community spirit with a powerfully optimistic colour palette. Large-scale type and figurative depictions are linked through his widely known style of continuous line drawings uniting this new multi-layered artwork.

Key aspects to the campaign are Respect, Community, Kindness, Caring and Togetherness mirroring the personal values of the artist himself. Using local artists within the community.

Alongside Benaiah we developed a selection of promotional strategies and produced a range of promotional materials in order to promote the project to its fullest.

Web Identity

We re-developed this original web presence into a site more in keeping with his new artistic direction

A short Documentary

We created a short video documentary to breaking down Benaiah’s creative process and the Togetherness Project as a whole, engaging with online viewers via youtube.

Social media content

We also created a range of content for this social media channels to assist in the driving of traffic towards his main documentary and additional products he was aiming to sell in the following ways:

  1. Three 30 second trailers to promote the full length documentary to be used on social media feeds.
  2. Six 15 second adverts to promote the full length documentary to be used on social media stories.
  3. Six 6 second second adverts to promote the full length documentary to be used on social media stories.

We then created a collection of timelapse videos documenting the progress of the murial as it took place.

These time-lapse videos will be used as a long term future resource by Benaiah for presentation and event visuals.

From there we created a press release and packaged the content for a PR campaign where we contacted various galleries, art institutions and professionals with the view to generating fresh opportunities in the field of art from Benaiah.


The Saving Grace Collective’s aim was to take all of the content we created and the promotional strategy he had devised alongside Benaiah and use it to re-present Benaiah as a more rounded and dynamic artist who works with various canvasses which includes clothing, rather than this original roots of a fashion designer that creates art.


We received a great response from galleries and professional from across the the North of the UK and generated a range of leads for Benaiah. Our most most noticeable success was with the lead generated from contacting the Tetley gallery and Benaiah’s subsequent acceptance into Tetley’s 2021 artists in residency programme.

Heres what Benaiah had to say about working with us:

“Saving Grace continues to apply the truest sense of achieving an exorbitant amount more from its projects with vision, foresight and quite honestly, success. Big fancy words aside; the truth is they opened doors in the project I didn’t know were holding me back and provided a service that was superb.”

Benaiah Matheson