Episode 11 eleven is a special two part episode live from the Bassment & Benaiah Matheson PopUp shop in Huddersfield.

Part 1: Features special guests Commercial Photographers & Videographers Tom OD, Chris Cassiel.

Together they discuss: Macadamias, various non dairy milks & breasts, reflections, OLIVES, Savvy’s Grandma and his creative relationship with Tom OD, Homecoming – a book on Windrush and Christians documentation for the book, Don Letts, Howard Grey, connection to narrative, Ikagi, the creation of illusion, working with what you have and owning that, Goya Gumbani, Bronica vs Hassleblad and the almighty Pentax 67, Japan – WHY IS EVERYONE GOING? Instagram purges – perception is everything, Savvy’s Orchestra, T, the abstract path to acquiring dedicated ambassadors, staying creatively true to your core, Justablackguywithacamera, toxic masculinity, female photographers, strong ones, portrait of Britain, marketing budgets, slippers, HP in the house aka The Left Bank, weird txt messages, Hinge, Inadvertent R-word, misleading jail altercations.

Listen to the show here:—Part-1-e9g9pq

Part 2: Savvy & Benaiah chat with Denny & Jake founders of Bassment Studios about their overall experience of the collaboration, plus a few other guests also pop by namely Ben Julian & Chef Ben Wright

Together they discuss: The Insane Passion of some Football fans, Reading vs podcasts, vs audio books, Housing in the Netherlands, Savvy’s edgy M.I.P.A cap, Shoutout to Kilo! Chasing artistic validation, Hometown “love”. Weed & getting shit done don’t mix, The most respectful ravers, Bulldogs charge & the tunnel of death, Childhood Hierarchy & the nature of Boys & girls relationships, Sausage Party, Toy Story and animated films for children & adults, losing your inner child, The burden of leadership, People wanting freeshit, The illusion of the V.I.P section, Battle rapping & freestyling, The Insane skill and or disconnection of the worlds greatest sportsmen, Recognizing your strengths & weaknesses, Being boutit!

Listen to the show here:—Part-2-e9i587