Inclusivity Policy

At Saving Grace we are whole heatedly focused on leveling the playing field. That goes for the infrastructure of Saving Grace as well as the larger music industry as a whole. Below is a comprehensive list of our commitments to Inclusivity & diversity.

  • We will analyse and improve the diversity of workforce from entry level to senior leadership.
  • We will be constant with our application of our inclusivity policy to staffing hiring, promotions etc.
  • We will advertise jobs to a wide subsection to ensure broader accessibility.
  • We will help to identify individual career goals for staff, artists & project participants and identify potential career paths.
  • We will research and utilise programmes which give work opportunities to a wider pool of people who might not otherwise get that access.
  • We will provide a platform for staff members to discuss issues around race and diversity more generally.
  • We will offer training opportunities for staff members.
  • We will publicly and internally highlight relevant resources.
  • We will look for opportunities to platform a diverse range of people within Saving Grace.
  • We will monitor progress and create an evaluation reports where relevant.
  • We will regularly review progress in all areas, at least 1 a year.
  • We will offer social & mental health counselling support to staff and artists.
  • We will work with other organisations to offer roles in leadership to play our part in tackling a lack of diversity in the larger music space.
  • We will continue to work with professionals & organisations in the creative industry to discuss ways to improve black representation in the creative industry.
  • We will further developing a mentoring initiative aimed at people of colour interested in entering the creative industry
  • We will communicate our inclusivity policy on all platforms, to be more specific about our business and its position within the wider scene and how we reflect a multi-cultural society.
  • Will use our platforms to highlight relevant third party initiatives and encouraging followers to take action.
  • We will continue to actively work with and seek out black and minority owned businesses, such as PR companies, mastering houses, merch companies, designers, sound engineers etc to trade with..
  • We will develop projects to more regularly and explicitly deal with important issues of inequality.