Why Saving Grace?

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We’ve had the honor of working with a range of extremely talented artists, creatives & professionals from a wide array of backgrounds, here’s a little of what they had to say about Saving Grace Music and / or The Saving Grace Collective:

Zoey Brook Jackson: Singer / Songwriter

“Amazing artist support and such a large range of talented people!”

Benaiah Matheson: Artist & Illustrator

Saving Grace continues to apply the truest sense of achieving an exorbitant amount more from it’s projects with vision, foresight and quite honestly, success. Big fancy words aside; the truth is they opened doors in the project I didn’t know were holding me back and provided a service that was superb.

Smudge: Guitarist & Producer

Josh Haslam: Jam Factory

Samh: Singer / Songwriter

It’s been really great working with Saving Grace. They have been able to do all the things I cannot as an artist – radio play, reviews and officially releasing the music on major platforms. The backing, support and motivation I have had from Saving Grace so far has been invaluable.

Jake Burdass: DJ, Producer, Venue Owner

Huddersfield has a severe lack of record labels…Saving Grace will be extremely beneficial to educate and inspire others to follow in his footsteps and start their own label or develop the other skills acquired during this project.

Sabira Jade: Singer & Producer
Athol Ramsome: Musician, Composer & Producer

The project was a great learning experience in many ways..working with Saving Grace, being there on the day of the recording and also helping contribute to the final mix were all incredibly valuable experiences that I learned a lot from.

Jamal Kamara: Singer & Vocalist

Saving Grace gave me the opportunity to hone my talents and explore whats possible. I got the chance to record tracks, make videos and tour alongside fellow musicians & artists from the Saving Grace Music label.

Naomi Hill: Composer & Musician

Jess Watson: Drummer

I’ve played at some dope gigs and done some cool video performances. I don’t think I wouldn’t have had the chance to do without connecting with Saving Grace.

Bliss Warrender: Stylist

I’ve learnt so much with Saving Grace, getting chance to work on cool projects where I get to try out my own ideas is amazing, this will set me up for the future for sure!

George King: Musician & Composer
Lisa Luxx: Writer, recording artist & activist

Saving Grace released my single & video Girl Gang on International Women’s Day 2019.  They assisted with marketing, promotional strategy, video production, audio post production, as well as radio plugging & press promotion.

The Saving Grace opened me up to new audiences, garnering radio play & press reviews, they also provided me with new performance avenues, overall this was a great opportunity for me to develop my professional and creative practice.

Leah Collins: Model

..the guys were great, got some hi end pictures, that will go into the portfolio i’m trying to build up..

TomOD: Photographer & Videographer

Being a commercial photographer, collaborating with Saving Grace allowed me to collaborate on more edgy projects & also build my skills as a commercial videographer..Saving Grace has been a Saving Grace!

This is just a handful of people we’ve worked with and we’ll be adding to this page all the time…


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