Kilo Igrft

We talk to the intelligent road man, voice of the street.. rapper & producer Kilo Igrft about his forthcoming Mixtape “Mondy2Friday” and single “Warrior Inna Garden”

Saving Grace 5 years ago

First off tell us a little about yourself, where you from, where did you grow up?

I’m Duane G Thomas aka Kilo Igrft, 31 years dad fiancé father brother! Favourite cousin Devoted musician!  Huddersfield born and bred lad!!  Fartown original

I remember growing up around brackenhall days ! Pic and mic sweet bags ! You know old school shit! 87 still rocking old school.

Tell us about your musical roots/background was music something that was always around in the household growing up or did you have to search for?

So my musical roots stem from a musically inclined family! And friend circle.  Mum was a radio DJ on jive fm you know the old school station. Dad would play reggae when I was in the car or on the way anywhere.  They rarely played any other music, I’d say music runs deep thru my veins to be fair!  My grandad played guitar he’s self-taught!  I’d pop my head into the room @ about 7-8yrs and see him with a full band jamming!! I started two or more instruments at 9years old, after the violin (in high school so about 14) I started rapping !

When did your love for music making kick in, did anyone or thing inspire you to write or produce?

It was grime then 140 bpm is where I came from

Who are the artists which you say you look up to and inspire the most?

I formed alliance with couple rappers but I’d say F*** them now best man win ! – we get older and treat life different.

Who inspired me before rapping, The likes of Nas ! “gods son ” Being around my older cousins when they would play wu tang or any artist in that era.  My artists range from UK rappers to US I’d be here forever listing so I’ll be specific.  Sid roams !  Baddest producer for when I was coming up!  J Dilla obbvs haha I had to mention king! Who else? The lox! Method man! The late and great Nipsey Hussle RIP ! King TMC ! UK – Klashnekoff Skinnyman! Savvy rob Bradley formerly known as Jack flash ! That’s a few but I pay heavy respect to these artists and anyone really

Every good artist has there “own thing” that sets them apart from other artist within their genre, you know a different way of looking at & approaching music, what do you think makes you different in terms of your music?

What sets me aside from all ! Is energy! It’s that simple.  I drop my all into a few paragraphs, Double wrapped in my metaphors I thrive on “delivery ” of a verse.  Anyone can spit 16 – kool but how much substance you got did you put feeling’ emotion ‘ dynamics it’s endless. That’s what I’m about, my verses show this. It’s pretty simple if you understand from a wordplay point of view .

Right time to step inside the Saving Grace time machine, If you could travel back in time and talk to a 10 year old Kilo what would you tell him?

If I could speak to 10 year old kilo. I’d tell him keep playing that f****** violin boy ! – stay away from trouble, look after your family, and probs give him logic 10.4 and a mpk mk 2 SAY NO MORE ! Inception. Shit

So your due to release your new Mixtape “Mondy2Friday” what can listeners expect to hear?

Let me tell you!! M2F Is a str8 wave!!  You can expect to hear me at peak of lyricism, I had so much fun man. The order paints a vivid picture of a week of mine! My thoughts mostly.  Mixed in with real life stories! Catchy punch lines and an array of handpicked instrumentals!!

What is the most important thing to you about music?

The most important thing to me about music is that I feel it myself first before anyone else does. That way you got no choice but to feel it !!

Tell us about the new single what it called, whats it about? the visuals look dope!

The single “warrior inna Garden “It’s basically a quote from sun tzu art of war. It’s better to be a warrior in a garden then a gardener in a war! You get the gist of it speaks volumes to me.  The single revolves around experience expectations and a whole different outlook on life in general and how I should carry myself in the future.

Where can people find out more about you & your music?

If you need to find my music:
soundcloud is KILO IGRFT
YouTube – KILO CWM
Instagram – @Kilo_Cw
Merch @igraft_life /
Also beatstars for any artists needing beats iGrft__Life

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