Vinyl Vandals celebrate their 18th birthday

To celebrate over 18 years of the Vinyl Vandals they collaborated with We Are Raya to create a Vinyl Vandals art piece that bring together memories from the VV timeline

Saving Grace 3 years ago

Established in 2002, the vinyl vandals was formed by Toyan Greaves (chino) who realised during his time in Manchester (uk) his passion for trainers, the culture of music & vinyl alongside a collective group of open-minded people & creative souls, sparked a mindset. From house parties, carnival vibes,dj sets around the UK selling apparel from the boot of a smart car, the people associated with vv, made it what it is today…

To celebrate over 18 years of Vinyl Vandals and mark the year our apparel would fall into dormancy, it was only right that we found a way to transcend through the memories of time…

Chino – Vinyl Vandals

The Vinyl Vandals said:It was a pleasure to collaborate with We Are Raya to create a Vinyl Vandals masterpiece that brings many memories in one banging illustration.
The music, vinyl, and fashion culture allowed the creative souls affiliated with the Vv brand to touch many.

During 2002 the introduction of new technology threaten our culture. Vinyl vandals, organically formed for the pure love of music & vinyl. Our logo (a broken vinyl) was our take on what was happening to the scene during this period. Little did we know the demise of the culture would never happen!

Vinyl Vandals now produce of a unique range of apparel using various techniques of vinyl & screen printing on a variety of materials and we have now evolved to a hub for music lovers, aspiring and established dj & artists from all around the world.

From the Yellow Vv business cards, Huddersfield Carnival Tent in the park, Vv Smart Car, Brown paper bags, The bedroom sessions in Manchester, Southport Weekend 46 chalet party, The famous Yorkshire Vv Cow, Customised T-shirt printing & countless one-off designs, DJ sets far & wide, Record boxes, Vinyl & Turntables, Nike Vandals & more, we hope you all remember the moments that built Vv into the brand it is today! 

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