We Welcome Mighty Funk’Houser 

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Theres so much talent seeping out of the HUDD right now, and one noticeable entity who we just had to get behind goes by the name of Jarred Lawrence aka the Mighty Funk’Houser, with his debut release on Saving Grace Music the Dark Energy EP dropping in July.

Mighty Funk’Houser is the sound of the next generation. His production is funky and yet soothing his vocal style totally free-form the Funk’Houser brings something new to the mix.

He says;

“No pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard… just me, the decks, the mic and my real-life vibes.

Playing shows alongside the likes of: Black Hudu, Afronaut [Bugz in the Attic], Aluku Rebels, Ben Hauke, Chino-Vv, Down Town Calling, Henry Wu, Sy Sez, Sara Garvey (Lit ibiza take Over) , Evm128 [Dance Regular], Very Soulful Productions, Irfan Rainy [Community] and more.

Alongside with his night Black Huddu he’s been putting himself on the map and taking over the Huddersfield applying his very own blend of pressure……

We will see when the lights are on/off, when the sun rises and sets and when the moon is at its brightest in the sky. That’s all for now, see you in a session!!

The Dark Energy EP is released on Saving Grace Music on the 10th of July 2022

You’ll be able to catch him preforming at the following venues over July

HF Development Showcase:

Black Huddu:

1st July

23rd July

Bassment Studios, Huddersfield

Northern Quarter, Huddersfield

I’m here to have fun, experience, learn, gain knowledge, spread a message, create a vibe, dance and finesse my style, as well as pass on all that I have witnessed to the next souls in line. The journey is different for each individual so I tell you now; NEVER watch face just DO YOU!

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