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Savvy also know as Asaviour has re-released his debut LP “The Borrowed Ladder” with Saving Grace imprint. Already a well know classic within the Hip Hop scene receiving a stack of outstanding reviews when it was originally released, the album still stands the test of time

Just check out a selection of reviews the album received on release..

“..Offers up a superbly crafted and well rounded LP” – IDJ
“Some of the illest shit on the shelves at the moment” – Hooker Magazine
“The craftsmanship of the album is unmistakable” – Cool Eh (USA)
“Yet another high quality album to add to your collection” – Echoes
“A resounding creative triumph” – Blues & Soul
“Emotionally huge!!” – Knowledge Magazine.
“Reveling in the triumph” – Echoes 4/5
“Savvy has a big vocal strength & presence that dwarfs most other MC’s” – Gumball 3000
“No one does it like this!!” – Certified Bangers
“Embracing all that rock, electronica, jazz, soul & grime has to offer” – HHC
“Lets just say this man is well….underrated” – Hooker Magazine

Savvy continued with the high caliber of material releasing singles, ep & mixtapes and most noticeably The A Loop Theory LP & The Battle For Hearts & Minds.