Slinki – ANX BNX – OUT 27/03/22

Rising production mastermind Slinki brings the epic club heater “ANX BNX” to the table for the second single from Highest Frequency Vol.2, a relentless hybrid of Footwork, Grime, and Bassline.

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Featuring a kickdrum that blasts doors off hinges and an infectious melody that takes no prisoners, ANX BNX‘s anthemic feel will have you addicted from start to finish. It’s fair to say that ANX BNX is an absolute beast of a riddim!

Telling it how it is about the production, Slinki says; “Honestly, I don’t want to make up some pretentious stuff about making the track, under some crazy inspiration of blah blah blah, cos I just kind of made the track.” Sometimes you can get too cerebral about music, but at the end of the day a banger like ANX BNX can only truly be appreciated by hearing it – loud!

And if you’re wondering about the meaning behind the mysterious track title, you might be thinking too much. It’s “just a bunch of letters” says Slinki. 

With support from DJs like Sherelle, Sam Binga, Ciley Grace, Gracie T, Morelia, Polo Lilli, Tasha Neighbourhood, Nova Cheq, Lush Lata, Samurai Breaks, Freshta, Emerald and Jamz Supernova, Slinki’s rise is irrefutable. His music has been played at Boiler Room, Keep Hush, HÖR Berlin, Rinse FM, Subtle Radio, Aaja Music, and festivals like Balter and Boomtown.

Artwork for the single features the Slinki himself and several of his doppelgangers flipping and twisting acrobatically in the air – a sport known as “Tricking” that Slinki and his boys regularly participate in, traveling the globe exhibiting their skills.

ANX BNX will be released on all digital downloads and streaming platforms via Saving Grace Music on 27th March 2023. Pre-order your copy today!

We’re also excited to announce more heat from Slinki on Saving Grace Music in the near future. This young man is re-defining Dance music. Slinki is about to reign supreme and reshape the scene with his truly remarkable sound. The future is bright for this talented Huddersfield native. Behold… Slinki, the destroyer of the dancefloor. You’ve been warned!

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