Benaiah & Savvy return with another episode … this time they talk to Sneakerhead & fashion buyer … Mark Cartman.

Saving Grace 4 years ago

Benaiah & Savvy return with another back at Benaiah’s studio, this time they talk to Sneakerhead & fashion buyer for sports merchandisers Fanatics Inc Mark Cartman.

Together they discuss: The recent London bridge attack, FBI conspiracy theories, the epic rise of the Esports market & the current leaders, League of Legends. The role film has played in the growth of sneaker culture. The electric DeLorean, Prince Andrew, the Epstein saga, Nasa, Space X, Tesla & The Falcon Heavy. Elon Musk probably being an alright guy, Innovation In The Industry of Fashion Buying, The Football Jerseys entrance into world of fashion, What is the most iconic sneaker? Making a sneaker for everyone, that everyone wants. High Fashion & Streetwear collaboration. The Laces Out Festival, Could a robot do what you do? Nigeria’s 2018 Nike Home football shirt and its cultural impact, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, How strong is the desire for cutting edge sneaker technology? Everyone wants what they can’t have! Von Dutch!! Fashion & Personal validation, Primal instincts & cultures effect on fashion trends, Rockports! The Ups & Downs of Burberry, Stone Island, Young wannabe casuals.

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