Dirty Little Funker

We got a chance to speak to Highest Frequency artist and Drum n Bass selecta, DJ Dirty Little Funker, otherwise known as Steven Spencer, no less than on his birthday…

Saving Grace 8 years ago

Good morning sir, and happy birthday for today! How are you today?

Do you have anything musical planned for your birthday?

Good morning. Yeah I am good thanks. Not much musically planned apart from watching the Reggie Watts live in central park DVD later tonight apart from that spending time with the fam.

Sounds sweet man, and speaking of fam you recently had a new addition to yours, tell us about that.

Had our daughter on Christmas day, first child so a big big change to our lives. Certainly changes your perspective on life.Do you think you’ll pass on your musicality to her when she gets older?I would love her to be musical in any way shape or form, but it’s her decision really no pressure, just a bit of hope. She is her own person and will be what she aspires to be. But it would be great to be able to have a mix or make music together. That is if I can still hear by then.

Haha sweet.Now you’re busy being a dad do you still have time for the music?

If so, what have you been working on recently?Not really any time to do anything else but be a dad. Though I have still been buying and listening to music. I did manage to make a beat which I passed to a friend to play with, but nothing more than that. I am itching for a mix though.Cool, good to hear the father ting takes top priority!

How did you get into DJing?

Got my first bash on the decks over 20 years ago. Friend had some decks and a great vinyl collection.

What can we expect from a DJ DLF set?  What music to you most enjoy playing?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer, I play many genres but enjoy DJing drum n bass the most. But I play anything from funk, soul, hip hop through to dnb, dubstep, house and techno and just about everything in between. As a DJ I try to play quality music no matter what the genre is.

Awesome man, I’ve listened to quite a few of your mixes which perfectly blend between genres. At the moment what producers are you listening to?

Cool, cheers man. I have just bought some Etta James, Dinah Washington, Reggie Watts, Prince Fatty, Submotion Orchestra, John Lee Hooker, Raphael Saadiq, Johnny Cash, Anthony Joseph, Mala and bucket loads of DnBDope!

Are there any tracks in particular that you always play in your sets?

Depends on the set, but I do try and play different music each time I play. Granted I do drop the odd classic, but there are too many to choose from so very difficult to mention.An admirable repertoire.

Who’s your favourite Highest Frequency artist (apart from yourself?)

Ha ha you got me there, only listened to the LP minimix so not sure who is who, but really impressed with the quality that is on there, I feel humbled to be included.

We’re lucky to have you! and in terms of the LP itself, can you tell us about your contribution to it?

The inspiration really was to do something that was simple, not too many elements and just concentrate on the atmosphere. I usually make music with lots going on so this was all about stripping back and just using the minimum. But the feel was a kind of cross between Wu Tang, Erykah Badu and Kruder & Dorfmeister.Yeahman I know what you mean, it’s got a real grimey 90’s feel to it.

What’s next for DJ DLF?

That’s what I was looking for so thanks man. Well at the moment not much more than changing nappies. But I have things I want to do musically, still keep producing and hopefully get some more releases. Really want to work with some vocalists and other musicians. DJ wise I would like to get a regular dnb slot and also I would like to supply the music and menu for a big oil drum style summertime BBQ.

Best of luck with all your endeavors Steven.

Where can people go to hear your music?

Best place at the moment is my Soundcloud page:

And do you have any live dates upcoming, if so where?

None unless you want to watch how to care for a baby lol

Haha we’ll leave you to it but eagerly anticipate your return to the decks!Steven thank you so much for your time mate, stay blessed.No probs man. Let the bless spread far and wide.

Highest Frequency The Electronic Beats Compendium will be released later this year…The LP minimix can be heard here:

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