The HF Showcase

On the 2nd of July The Saving Grace Collective & Bassment Studios will hold the HF Showcase

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On the  2nd of July The Saving Grace Collective & Bassment Studios will hold the HF Showcase featuring sounds from the 2022 graduates of the HF Development Initiative a part of the Kirklees Year of Music 2023 Music Industry Programme.

Dj’s on the night


One of the UK’s leading garage DJs / producers and the creator of the hits “Love Like This (The Reasons)” & “You Wot!” remixing artists like Amy Winehouse, Dizzee Rascal, Keri Hilson and Katy B to name a few with worldwide notoriety he forms part of the group TQD alongside Flava D and Royal-T. Q will bring his unmistakable basslines & grooves to the night.

Shaun Dean

“Shaun Dean” is a well established name within the Bassline, UK Bass / UKG Scene. With his signature Bassline style Shaun incorporates catchy chord progressions, hard hitting 4×4 drums combined with quality vocals and hard hitting melodic Basslines. This original style has brought inspiration and a new life to the current Bassline scene.


A well know name within Huddersfield & Leeds scene, a master at digging in the record crates and tour DJ for Savvy Therealdemo will bring his eclectic mix of soulful beats from his extensive collection of classics and rarities.

The Mighty Funkhouser

There’s so much talent seeping out of Huddersfield right now, and one noticeable entity goes by the name of Mighty Funk’Houser bringing a mixed bag of neo-funk, soul, hip-hop & house all mashed together is his own unique way this is the sound of the next generation. His production is funky and yet soothing his vocal style totally free-form the Funk’Houser brings something new to the mix.

Tony Phorse

A true legend with the Huddersfield DJ scene, and a formidable reputation outside of it a  prolific producer and contributor to the Highest Frequency vol1. Tony will bring his genre bending future bass sounds to the night.

Doors: 7-11pm 
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