Robbie Jay Barratt

We managed to squeeze 5 minutes out of photographer Robbie Jay Barratt to talk about his inspirations, life a in the world of photography and Leicester winning the League.

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Alright now break it down for the readers, Robbie Jay Barratt whats the crack what do you do exactly?

I shoot sports, mainly Football! I also photograph my fair share of musicians. I also shoot for a few publications such as Soccerbible.

When I shoot my football, it’s all pitch side stuff…yes, i’m one of the guys you see on the tele at a game, looking like a dinner lady!

Leicester city have the title now, MAD!!, probably one of the FA’s greatest David and Goliath stories in my living history, did you put anything on Leicester to take it? did you expect (or hope) that to happen?

I didn’t put anything on them to win tbh, I’m not a betting man. But I did back them all the way, it’s a dream for any football fan really. For me, personally with all the money involved in the game at the moment, it says quite a lot. I hope a lot of clubs will look at what Leicester have done!



So your the photographer for Huddersfield FC that means week in week out your constantly snapping in a really intense environment the action is pretty much non stop . Do you do anything special to keep you focused?

I wouldn’t say I do anything special as such, I just take it as it comes and take it all in my stride, be prepared and be ready, it’s my job to be on cue when something happens. But the images are not always on the pitch in front of you, the fans are a massive part of the game also…so you’ve almost got to have eyes in the back of your head too.

What team do you support?

When I was growing up as a young lad, I supported Liverpool…why this is, I don’t know! It just happened. As I got older I started to follow my local team of which is Huddersfield Town, so I guess I support both teams now. But Liverpool will always be my team.

Ha, I was obsessed with Liverpool FC as a kid aswell, no actual reasoning i just loved them…Have you had any moments of realization, Perhaps the first photograph that you took that you really liked, or a special moment with a subject, When did you know that this was what you were going to do?

I first knew I wanted to be a photographer as soon as I picked up a camera at school to be honest, as cliche as that sounds…it’s true! When I was at school they didn’t do photography as a course, they only had one camera in the art department. At the time I was starting my A Levels, and I knew i didn’t want to study 3/4 subjects, I wanted to focus on one thing…and that turned out to be Photography. So I left my A Levels & went to study photography full time at a college.

04Do you think that photography can make an change in the world?

I believe it can make a change in the world. Especially with documentary photographers, the images them guys get when shooting our at wars etc, is so eye opening to the rest of us. There would be no other way of us knowing what is going on out there if it wasn’t for them guys, my hat goes off to them! Even within football photography, images of the Maradona hand of god, Bobby Moore lifting the world cup for England, these images will live on forever and ever, through generations.

What is the power of photography that inspires you?

I think what I have just stated above really. The power of photography is immense. To be able to capture a single moment in one frame, stop the world for a moment in to a frozen spectacle. It’s almost poetic.


What are the consequences of a photographers life? Has it changed you as a person, for either better, or worse?

There are many consequences as a photographer. I personally have put so much time and hard work in to trying to achieve to become a full time photographer…and i’m still nowhere near. The amount of money you have to save up for gear is also so demoralizing. Especially in the world of sports photography, trying to save up thousands upon thousands of pounds for gear that you NEED at such a young age is tough, it doesn’t surprise me so many young people give up. All my spare time is put in to photography, dating my blogs, my website, sending emails. It’s tough, and it really does get to you at times. But overall, I’m so honoured to have a passion and a drive in my life and have that possibility of making a living out of what I love. It’s also a proven fact that Photographers have a bad memory…of which I have!

What are your thoughts on the instagram, pintrest generation of “photography” what do you make of it, is it an artform?

Personally, I believe Instagram is an incredible platform. It’s helped me massively, firstly it’s almost like a portfolio…it’s enables you to share your work instantly. I also like to use it to show me as a person, what music I like, what else I am in to apart from photography. This is important! Updating and keeping on top of things like Instagram & blogs show that you are passionate and willing.

If you could travel back in time, and chat with a 10 year old Robbie Jay Barratt what advice would you give yourself?

That’s a tricky one. I don’t think I would do much different to be honest. I’m personally very proud of how far I have come SO FAR. I have so many ambitions of where I want to go. I guess I would just say, go work yourself and believe in yourself. Which I have done!

What other projects are you currently working on? Anything on the horizon that you feel excited about?

No major projects at the moment, the football season is coming to a close now. So I’m just trying my best to try and get something more secure for next year so I can really press on with that and gain some further experience. There is a very slight possibility of going to cover some of Euro 2016, very slight may I add…but that’s an exciting prospect. A few festivals that I will be covering…so that’ll be nice to do some music again.

How can people find out about your work, hire you etc?

People can find out about my work through,
my website;
my instagram; @robbiejaybarratt
my twitter; @RobbieJayBarratt


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