Hailing from Reading, 22 year old up and coming UK Recording Artist Braydon sits down with us to talk about his new upcoming projects.

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When did you first realise you wanted to make music?

It began with poetry, when I was 8 or 9. A poet came in for a one off lesson to teach us about rhyme schemes and song writing. I loved English and read poems from when I can remember so it wasn’t a conscious decision, I just loved it, so I did it.


And how did you then convert this into actually making music, what steps did you take?

At around 14 years old I started listening to UK grime, the likes of devlin and kano, which inspired me to turn my poetry into something more contemporary and in tune with what I listened to. It then developed into rap as my life became more unruly and rap fitted in better with the image of a young rebel I was trying to create at the time. My music has always reflected my mind state, so looking back at the songs I wrote at these times makes total sense alongside the trouble I was getting into with police, women and drugs.


Has there been a significant moment or track, which you feel has really defined your journey with music to date?

A track I wrote at 18 called “6 months” which is available on youtube as an audio track and soundcloud. This epitomizes the lifestyle choices I was making, the way I wanted to change things around, and the passion I had to do so. By articulating pain into music, I was able to capture the place I was in, and looking back a couple years later it brought a tear to my eye, because I had done exactly what I said I would do – I changed my life for the better.


Everyone is unique in their own way, but if you had to pin it down to one thing – what do you think makes you stand out the most?

I speak from the heart. I speak for those who have no voice. I am completely honest in my music, there are no gimmicks, no falsities. As simple as that.

Taking all this into account, how would you describe your vision of where you would like to go with music, and how has this changed since you first started out?

I don’t think my aims have changed, just my expectations. I used to be very self conscious, judging myself more than anyone ever could. I didn’t think I was any good for a long time. It was only when I was about 20 that I began to see the possibilities of taking it further than my bedroom. My aim is very simple. It is to make incredible music, that reaches your heart. Then I want to use my music to connect with people, hopefully improving their lives in one way or another. I want to earn a modest living off touring and record sales, then use rest of the money to give straight back to the world that has given me so much – to the people I love and to the people in need. I do this because I love it, so I don’t require anything but experience. I thrive off meeting new people, performing, inspiring and being inspired, travelling. That’s all I want.


Who is your favourite artist? Have they influenced you?

Kendrick. He is a wizard. He has influenced me just as a benchmark for me to reach. The way he puts projects and songs together is so in depth and meaningful and unique it isn’t just random music to please the record label. It is legendary. I don’t want to be anything less than that.


Who/what else has influenced you along the way?

The talent around Reading is crazy. More so than people might think. People such as Love Okami, Data Scales, Benza, Sami Switch… when I am around them and they come with their own individual sound, story and flow, it is hard not to be inspired. I think Reading is very overlooked as a hub for music, but underneath its talentless exterior is a beautiful current of sound and style that most couldn’t match.


What is the most important thing to you about music?



Focusing on the upcoming stuff now, tell us a little more about your upcoming projects and when we can expect to hear them!

Much of the past year I have been trying to find a suitable sound, my sound. No more am I happy to just write to any beat about any thing, so it has taken me a long time to find producers I am happy with (who have the time to invest in producing for me). Saying that, I’m working with a few talented individuals now who may just make the cut, so I look forward to being able to promote something more solid.

And finally, if you had to give a piece of advice to anybody starting out in the music industry what would this be?

Be true to yourself. Tell your story. Research your favourite artists and listen to their advice. Go deep. Make every effort you need to make to improve your craft and excel in the thing you love. Do it for love, nothing else. If your music is good, the rest will come. Don’t bend or contort your values to suit an audience, say what you have to say exactly how you want to say it. There is no right or wrong, only true or false, so don’t worry about how you make your music or fitting expectations, just do you. Clearly define what you want and then do everything to achieve it. You will make many bad or substandard songs, don’t be disheartened. Keep writing, keep working on it, keep practicing, experiment. Get feedback, but don’t rely on it. Unless you are deluded, you will be your best judge, because only you know what you’re capable of. Compare yourself to that, not other people. There will always be someone better at this or that, but not one person on earth apart from you can be you. So do that, and do it good. You will go far.



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