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We sat down with Luke Storey aka DJ IQ to discuss Touring, Modeling and his new his new clothing range Definitely Happening.

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Afternoon Luke hows tricks sir?

I’m good thank you, bruv. Life is good.

First off for anyone thats been living under a rock tell us a little about yourself whats your background, who are you what do you do?

I’m Luke, I’m an artist from London. I have a clothing brand called ‘Definitely Happening’ I Dj, and I Model ‘n’ that and make cool shit happen.



You’ve done alot of touring over the last few years, that must have been quite the experience whats the favorite country you been too.?

Australia ! My Best time ever really. I like being in America cos it’s so huge and shit happens on a different scale out there. I love london, That is my home.

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So you’ve got a foot in the Fashion & music world, two fields that are notoriously difficult to crack can you tell us how you got into those scenes respectively?

I didn’t really plan it to be honest, it just sort of happened following my passions. I always think why can’t something happen? I don’t really question it and just move towards the light.

What are some of your earlier music memories – music you listened to that made you want to pursue music?

My parents used to Play a lot of Prince, Michael Jackson, Pop music basically. I remember hearing a lot of Massive Attack, My mum was a fashion designer and she used to use a lot of that music in her catwalk shows so that sort of stuff was embedded by an early age. I love good pop music.

You have your own clothing brand now, Definitely Happening right?, real cool name!! can you tell us the inspiration for the name?

Definitely Happening is the shit that happens inspite of yourself. What happens in-between your plans, The shit that just happens anyway. It’s natural, you can’t force it. The most meaningful things that have happened to me in my life is the stuff I didn’t plan that happened in-between my plans. Often i don’t know what’s best for me and the right thing happens when it’s supposed to. Definitely Happening is my take on fashion, style, design and art, it has meaning behind it. The new collection is about what it means for me, to be human . That’s why I have words like “Anxious” , “Paranoid” and “Awkward” on clothes. It’s all painfully and beautifully relevant to me.

What can people expect from the Definitely Happening brand?

Truth and Beauty.

You got quite a strong social media following how much has technology contributed to the success of your music & clothing?
It can feel like it’s everything nowadays but it isn’t. Likes don’t pay the bills know what I mean? Social media is just to raise awareness about what I’m doing but it isn’t the be all and all. I like real life, real connections. I can’t get caught up in it too much. Does my head in. I can be weird on social media, Be with me in person and I’m still weird but I can explain myself a little better.

Ha okay yeah I get you, you’ve also done some work with Sperry for Size can you tell us a little about that and have you done any modeling for any other brands in the past?

I’ve done a few campaigns, I’ll do it if i like the clothes and the money’s there. I’ll do it if I like it. I’ll wear it if I like it. Generally I wear what I want, I want to say what’s on my mind ,have the humility and ability to be vulnerable and Be who I want to be.

What do you most enjoy most about what you do?

I can do pretty much what i want creatively. That is the biggest gift. I create with no boundaries and work down from there and assess the limitations afterwards which usually comes down to money. I have expensive dreams.

What do you least enjoy most about what you do?

Feeling like my life is on the line every damn time.

If you could travel back in time and chat with a 10 year old Luke Brinkers, what would you say?

Don’t do drugs!!!!!

Where can people check out your music, fashion and anything else your working on?

IG : @luke__storey
IG: @DefinitelyHappening
Twitter: @iamDJIQ
Snapchat: LUKEDJIQ
Mix cloud @therealdjiq

Thanks for your time Luke

Love g

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