Northampton Sneaker Company

Today’s feature is on the Northampton Sneaker Company, A luxury handcrafted footwear brand based in Northampton England.

Saving Grace 8 years ago

They use traditional techniques and only the finest materials. Combining the modern street-style and comfort of athletic footwear with the incredible quality of classic British shoe making.  Located in Northampton shire our manufacturing partner has made beautiful welted boots and shoes for well over a hundred years.Each pair takes around thirty hours to painstakingly create and goes through two hundred separate operations during it’s hand finished manufacture.NSC are bringing this incredible manufacturing technique up to date so a new generation, the sneaker generation, can wear their own piece of shoe making history.

Their sneakers are entirely cut, stitched and carefully assembled from start to finish by their skilled craftsmen and women. The Upper is made of the finest quality luxurious European leather or British Stead’s suede and lined with calf leather right down to the toe complete with vibram sole. Now if you know anything about shoes you that vibram make the best soles in the world!!NOW

HERES THE EXCITING BIT? Do you fancy getting a getting a pair of sneakers worth £329 for only £179?

Well the Northampton Sneaker Co are currently running a kickstarter page to raise funds to produce their footwear in larger amounts, If like what these guys are doing and can spot a great deal when its staring you in the face, make sure you head over to either their kickstarter page or visit their site directly. You can also find them on twitter & facebook



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