The boys are back with another installment, this time they take it to the streets, and then to a secret location.

Saving Grace 5 years ago

They talk: Pointless household designs & Middle class dreams, Privet bushes & household chores, Things your parents teach you, Roles of parents in the household & perceptions of femininity & masculinity, Spoiling your children, Yorkshire water,  Paying for clean air, Colonizing other planets,  Year 1 million,  Could you have a relationship with an alien? How much nowhere can you handle?   The adaptability of humans,  The short political attention span of humans,  Marketing and how dark it can be, How genuine was the Gillette campaign, The greatness of old spice,  The recent Formula one season,  Junior Kick start, Kabaddi on Channel 4, Scalextrics & Slot car racing,  Horseshoe crabs, bananas & creationism,  How do printed porn magazines survive in modern times?  Eurotrash & Lola Ferrari,  Feeders, Savvy’s next single & video, What happened to Jez?  Master of None, Mindhunter, The OA, American Gods, Killing Eve and various other random bits & pieces.

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