KYOM23 Sound Identities

Take a look at a project we recently delivered in conjunction with the Music In Kirklees Team for Kirklees Year Of Music 2023

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The Kirklees Year Of Music is now fully underway, over this year they’ll a range of exciting music projects & opportunities that will be available to anyone interested, making Kirklees an exciting place for music this year.

We recently delivered a project entitled KYOM23 Sound Identities conjunction with the Music In Kirklees Team for the Kirklees Year Of Music 2023.

The project features composers & musicians from across Kirkless such as; Naomi Hill, Atholl Ransome, Victoria Jacquis, Leeds Silver Sparrows, Shabnam Khan, Sunil Kayan, Hebble, George King, Ruby Wood, Jam Factory, Andy Burton & Xylosound.

The Saving Grace Collective provided direction on process & the implementation of the project aswell as & guidance on how to market & promote the opportunity to the general public along with various other elements of support.

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