A call to all sisters worldwide

We are inviting women and their sisterhoods to feature in the upcoming music video for Lisa Luxx’s forthcoming single “Girl Gang”. To be released on International Women’s Day 2019 (March 8th).

Saving Grace 5 years ago

Want to be involved? We would love to have you and your female friendships celebrated in this project! All we need from is footage of you and your sisterhood doing what you do. Here’s what we want to see:

  • You and your girl gang: this can be your mum and grandma, your aunties, your best friends, your cousins, your classmates, your kids, your colleagues, whatever feels right but it must be 3 or more womxn (trans inclusive) in the shot.
  • Shoot on your smartphone or camera (if on your smartphone please shoot horizontally aka landscape and NOT vertically aka portrait – diagram below)
Directions for shooting your footage
  • Handheld footage. We encourage use of selfie-sticks if shooting on smartphone. We’re less interested in footage shot on a tripod
  • Being active doing what you do together; cooking and sharing food, playing sports, smoking shisha/arguileh, doing yoga, pulling tarot/goddess cards, dancing, group prayer, playing chess/backgammon/dominos, playing cards, building a fire, laughing and talking, pampering (facemasks, nails etc), painting a mural, roadtripping, arm wrestling, protesting, getting tattooed, playing instruments
  • High vibe, heart-warming, fun, friendly energy

DEADLINE: February 6th at midnight

Send your footage by e-mail or WeTransfer to with the subject GIRL GANG FOOTAGE

This might be footage you already have, or footage you can shoot specifically for the purpose. Let us see it all!

Not all shots can be selected but if the picture quality is high we will be including as many as possible, and the rest we will intend to use for online promotion.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

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