Savvy – The Battle For Hearts & Minds + Lyric Book


Savvy’s new LP the Battle For Hearts & Minds plus Lyric / Visual booklet containing all the lyrics from Savvy’s new album. Featuring verses from Savvy, Lisa Luxx and Jade America with accompanying visual content provided by photographers and artists such as Abi Anderson, Tom O’Donoghue, Robbie Jay Barratt, Anthony Barrett, Tom Bamforth, Sammy Cudjoe, Kano Kane, John Bell and Savvy himself.

Just check out some of the reviews for the album so far..

“Every track is rather strong… and amazing achievement really”

“The production values on The Battle for Hearts and Minds are unreal”

“The mixture of sounds are refreshingly out there but all feels soulful and Savvy sounds stronger than ever as an emcee a great record..”


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Vinyl & Booklet, CD & Booklet

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