DJ Marcel

DJ Marcel

DJ Marcel is an 11 year old producer from Huddersfield. Growing up surrounded by music, Marcel was hooked from being a toddler, always singing and ‘playing’ any instrument he could get his hands on. 

Around 7 years old Marcel inherited a hand-me-down computer and began playing around with Acid music software, almost immediately constructing funky grooves. Over the next year he migrated to FL studio, learning music theory and composing original tracks. Inspired by his love of Jazz, Funk and 80’s Electronica, he wrote instrumentals heavily featuring piano, slap bass, and 808 beats. 

In 2020, at 8 years old, DJ Marcel and his brother I am Xavier, wrote, produced, and released their debut album, In the ears. Marcel is the son of Saving Grace electronic music producer Bobbino. Today at age 11, Marcel continues writing and recording, and is currently working on a solo EP.

DJ Marcel submitted the 80’s Hip-Hop and Electro inspired track Fantasmo Circuitry for the Highest Frequency Vol. 2 album.

“[My track’s] name is Fantasmo Circuitry, it’s quite a weird name but I got it from a cartoon called Adventure Time.”

DJ Marcel

DJ Marcel’s Music on Saving Grace