The boys are back with a another episode this time from a secret location 😉

Saving Grace 5 years ago

They talk: The Film I Am Mother, The evolution of knowledge & Intelligence, Statistics & Facts, The Only Time is Now, Benaiah’s work at the We Out Here Festival, Savvy’s trip to the Netherlands, Dry Stone walling, Jay Scarlet’s latest mix, Tommy Evans & his comeback album, Savvy’s getting the Savoir~faire back together, The Richest person the the graveyard, The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Benji B’s set at At We Out Here Festival, Working with the Huddersfield Community Gospel Choir, The Savvy & Kanye West Sample clash, Sweets we loved as kids, Benaiah’s childhood Benetton jumper disaster, losing the house keys as a child, Thrones!!!, The Boys and of course more random topics..

Record of the day is: Samh – glowinglow

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