Saving Grace is an independent creative imprint working with all forms of contemporary creation. Releasing Art, Fashion, Design & Music on both digital/ physical formats from both established artists as well as mentored young adults referred from our social enterprise arm of Saving Grace.

Saving Grace works in two-fold:

1) Saving Grace The Label – A functioning creative imprint of producing & releasing Art, Fashion, Design & Music.

2)The Saving Grace Collective – A social enterprise / non-profit organisation working with young people from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances in the local community (including young adults at risk of financial, social, cultural, gender based exclusion).

The Saving Grace Collective provides access to music, film and multimedia projects as a tool to engage young people in both formal and informal settings. We will work with young people across the academic year, providing open drop-in music sessions in addition to more structured learning courses. We aim to develop and enrich students’ experiences, aspirations, academic achievements, self-esteem, social skills and confidence.

The Collective works with local young people from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Children of primary school age (in conjunction with educational professionals) on structured projects aimed at increasing children’s’ knowledge, awareness and appreciation of music.
  • Young people under 16 who have been excluded or who are at risk of exclusion from education.
  • Young people aged 16-18 who face elevated risk of educational/social exclusion.
  • Young people who may be struggling in a mainstream learning environment. We aim to help them stay focused and engaged by getting practical industry experience in various media related pursuits (including design, photography, videography, performing arts and music production).
  • Students participating in enrichment courses (via school, college or university) .
  • Young adults aged 18 -25 seeking opportunities and experiences within the creative field.
  • Young adults aged 18-25 that fall under the NEET classification that are interested in pursuing a professional career in music (or the related fields).

The aims of our projects are to:

  • Develop higher self-efficacy of those individuals taking part (i.e. self-esteem, skills, engagement and confidence).
  • Create new pathways into internships, volunteer work, further/ higher education and employment for ‘challenging’ youth.
  • Provide opportunities for exceptional students to join the roster of the Saving Grace label and start a musical career.
  • Improve the standards of music & creative arts delivery for children and young people.
  • Improve the creative, expressive and musical skills of children and young people.
  • Solidify effective learning practices & etiquette with the host and partner organisations.


We have collaborated with a number of organisations, aimed at delivering exciting and engaging projects within the local community.