Building Cultures of Sound workshops

Imagine a sonic journey through the wonderful diverse sound cultures of Kirklees? A sound tapestry, mapping the texture of our soundscape.

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This project weaves your sound memories and experiences together with the guidance of sonic artist and educator Mia Windsor as she guides you through a process of listening, recording and composing an original surround sound immersive piece.

Across three afternoon workshops you will learn techniques for really listening to sound, how to do basic audio recording, and how to compose a soundscape using audio software. No prior experience is needed, indeed we are more interested in experiences and ideas than technical proficiency but we hope participants will learn skills that will aid future creativity with sound. Workshops will take place from 1.30pm – 4pm on Sunday March 5th, 12th and 19th.

The project will culminate in a final composition to be played as a sound installation as part of the Cultures of Sound festival. The piece will be playing during the second half of May.

This series is designed for adult learners so participants should be 16+.

You can book a ticket via the link below:

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