Spida Lee

We caught up with the one and only Spida Lee aka Carriacou Jack for a quick chat about his new music, touring with DJ Q and his new clothing range…heres what he had to say..

Saving Grace 8 years ago

So Mr Lee tell us a little bit about yourself how long you been doing this music thing, can you tell us about your previous releases for anyone that doesn’t know you?

Yo Yo Spida Lee here, music artist from the UK, straight outta Huddersfield.  Been in the music game on a serious thing for about 7 year, but been doing music since I was like 7 years old. 2005 I was part of a group called practical headz we dropped a album “who is it”. 2007 dropped my 1st solo album “The Foundation” with production from Beat Butcha and other producers and artists. 2010 dropped the “Original SoundTrack” produced by Brutal Artistry”.2012 dropped “Carriacou jack 99%” EP which feat Klashnekoff, production from Beat Butcha, Dj Q and Apa tight.

Whats the name of the first track you ever made?

Hahaha ok 1st track I ever made messing about was probably in 1993 called Black Bulls, Nice and Smooth “old to the new” beat playing in the back ground, and tape cassette player recorded are vocals, there was about 6 of is on that track.if one man messed up had to recorded it all over again hahaha. ok ok seriously it was a track called “Get the fuck out” or “smooth vibe” with Practical Headz cant really remember which I did 1st.

We’ve seen you running around all over the country with the man-like DJ Q whats that been like as he’s a house/bassline dj right, seem your widening your sound?

Big up DJ Q sturrrrr!!! yo the tour was crazy, we had some jokes on that tour, good vibes. Yh Q is a bassline don! house/garage too, av been hosting his sets and just doing my hip hop lyrics over that kinda music, tracks like “jabjab” work well over that music. Before I was doing hip hop seriously I was always in Huddersfield venue’s spiting over garage and drum and bass, I can deal with any type of music even rock! I love all kinda music.

So tell us a bit about Carriacou Jack that’s your alter ego isn’t it? how did that personality come to life what inspired you?

Carriacou Jack!! Jack iron is a rum  from a island in the Caribbean called Carriacou just of Grenada. Jack Iron (fire water) which is 99% proof is not for the faint hearted, put it this way you need to respect it or it will take under haha. I love Jack Iron, I love Carriacou/Grenada and named my EP Carriacou Jack and created this alter ego. made a song called the 10 jack iron commandments, which is about 10 thing you do and dont do when drinkin jack iron. I even got my own Carriacou Jack clothing.which we will get into.

What do you most enjoy about making music?

I love and enjoy writing, coming up with lyrics thats what I enjoy the most.

What do you least enjoy about making music?

Getting writer’s block. mind goes blank.write sum thing then think na na not good enough. some times it last weeks. haha damnn you writers block haha

Whats your dream song collaboration dead or alive?

Biggie all the way. just love his word play. his story telling.

Tell us something people might not know about you (can be as random as you like)?

When I was at school, I told a supply teacher my name was called “wadi bumbaclart” and got away with it for a week until I got caught flicking elastic bands at his head, and the head teacher came and I got caught out hahahaha.

You recently did a remix over that Meek Mills track called “we dont care” can you tell us a little bit about that is it from a forthcoming release?

Yeah its just a track I did originally over a waka flocka beat, just wanted to put summit out that showed my versatility,and to also help the new Carriacou Jack clothing av just put out too. am looking to drop a mixtape next year it will be on there.

If you could go back in time a chat to a 10 year old Spida Lee what would you say?

Concentrate more in school and stop being distracted by the trouble makers in class.

Right where can people find you, and get a hold of those dope Carriacou jack t-shirts & sweaters we’ve been seeing?

Yes the new Carriacou Jack garm out now. Navy blue sweaters and beanies and black beanies too. a few T shirts on there limited stock going fast available at plus u get a free Spida Lee cd.

Anybody you wanna salute, give a shoutout to?

Big shout out to Savvy, The Saving grace crew. and to all the ppl who are supporting my movment, thank you big up peace!!!!

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