Liston is Dom Ponsonby, a producer and musician based in Leeds, originally from York. His production and style stems from his first love, golden era Hip-Hop, yet any music with soul and originality inspires his productions. Creating something that is different whilst still retaining the qualities and elements of the music he’s passionate about, Liston produces soulful vibrations.

Ask Yourself is the opening track on Highest Frequency Vol. 1, launching us headfirst into the album with its lushness. Liston describes this beat as “made to invoke a sense of self reflection and deep thought. The juxtaposition of the sub heavy bassline and sharp aggressive percussion with the sweeping pads and airy melodies is something that I love to do when I compose, forming a contrast between the dark and light tones of my musical taste.”

Liston continues to make beats for a good cause. All the proceeds of his latest Bandcamp, Selected Cuts Vol.2 go to the MAP charity, an organisation that provides “creative education for young people who are at risk or don’t have access to the mainstream school system.”

“Hip-Hop will always be at the forefront of my musical taste.”


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