Highest Frequency Vol.1


Highest Frequency is a sonic journey into the continuum of electronic beat music. This is a global record, influenced by global sounds; Instrumental Hip Hop, IDM, Garage, Jungle and Dub. The producers showcased on the compendium hail from Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Bristol in the UK as well as Germany, Spain, the US and Mexico. Past digital compositions have informed its creation, and a desire to inspire the future unfolding musical expression of consciousness will be its legacy.

The compendium traverses a diverse audial world of different BPM’s and textures, yet each track is united by the underlying threads of beats and bass. From the ethereal head nodding Hip-Hop beats of “Star Cloud” by Aye Pee to the straight-up dancefloor skanker “Combination Dub” by The Conquerors. The introspective IDM depths of “Elements” by Aurakill are juxtaposed smoothly with the fierce bass heavy riddim of “To Look Back In Anger” by Surreal.Heavy beats and bass are combined with harmonic emotional melodies, integrated with a profusion of production hardware and live instruments. Every track speaks for itself, communicating through unique vibrations that transcend the labels of genre. The soulful is united with the digital, the organic with the electronic. This compendium has been crafted by artists whose love for what they do is as loud as the beats themselves. Highest Frequency resonates in a realm of phenomenal artistry that lies beyond the sum of it’s parts.

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