Love To Share

Saving Grace 4 years ago

Samh is releases his new single “Love To Share” but, unusually for him, this one is a cover. Love to Share was originally sung by Jamaican reggae band, Carlton and the Shoes back in the 70s. As far as We know, this is the only cover of the song. Unlike the original darkly chilled roots version, this is a blast of light alt rock. The tempo’s the same, the lyrics are the same, the melody is the same, the bass line is the same but somehow this is a very different song.

You can purchase the single exclusively via bamdcamp:

All the download money goes to The Kindu Trust – an Ethiopian charity supporting disadvantaged children.

“I worked with the Kindu Trust a tiny bit when I was in Ethiopia. When I left the country I vowed to continue supporting them as much as I could.”


About the Kindu Trust

The Kindu Trust is a Child Sponsorship Programme through which we help disadvantaged children with the simple mission to improve their well being and quality of life and enable them to go to school and so improve their opportunities for the future. We also support their families and the wider communities through Community Programmes designed to meet their needs.

Their programmes operate in the towns in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, we work in disadvantaged communities where many people struggle with basic living standards such as having a home, food to eat and water to drink. The families we work with are hardworking but opportunities are limited, especially as many of the parents are illiterate. With little household income, children are often expected to help generate income for the family by working, which means they’re not able to go to school. When The Kindu Trust was founded many of these children had even left their homes to live independently on the streets as their parents or relatives were unable to support them.

Visit the Kindu Trust here:

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