Mighty Funk’Houser

Mighty Funk’Houser

Mighty Funk’Houser is the sound of the next generation… Seeing and witnessing him in action is his CV. No pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard… just “Funkz”, the decks, the mic, and his real life vibes! As the saying goes: “Actions speak louder than words”. Funk’Houser chooses to say less and do more.

Mighty Funk’Houser has played with and hosted for: Anouj, Afronaut & Mark Force [Bugz in the Attic], Aluku Rebels, Ben Hauke, Chino-Vv, Down Town Calling, DJ Q, Henry Wu, IsThatYou, Sy Sez, Soulful Grooves, Comfy Bella, Very Soulful Productions, plus many more musical masters.

“This journey is different for each individual so I tell you now; NEVER watch face, just DO YOU!”

Mighty Funk’Houser

“I’m here to have fun, experience, learn, gain knowledge, spread a message, create a vibe, dance and finesse my style, as well as pass on all that I have witnessed to the next souls in line. We will see when the lights are on/off, when the sun rises and sets and when the moon is at its most brightest in the sky. That’s all for now, see you in a session. Peace and love is the order of the day.”

Mighty Funk’Houser runs Huddersfield’s unparalleled Black Hudu club night, alongside the Ras Amharic crew and Benaiah Matheson,”a night in which we left all our worries & troubles behind to unite under one groove, under one drum!!”

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