Highest Frequency Project

Highest Frequency is a selection of electronic music from young promising artists as well as established artists who possess undeniable musical gifts. The project also Incorporates a live showcase event & promotion video created from the documentation of the event.

This project was born from a desire to stand as a platform for their music, as well as a route for artist development in the local community.

Saving Grace Music Label has expanded beyond its initial roots of forward-thinking Hip Hop / Neo Soul, this album branches out even further afield. Highest Frequency traverses a diverse range of musical terrain, from Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, and Grime, to Jungle, Garage, House, and Bass music. Though the branches of these different styles vary, they can all be traced back to the same essential roots: beats and bass. Beats that lure your head to nod to every single kick and snare, beckoning you to say yes to the profound, wordless wisdom of the music. Bass that reverberates every last cell of your body, stimulating your entire physical being.  

Continuing in the modus operandi that UK Hip Hop legend Savvy employed to build his reputation and his record label / Social Enterprise, Saving Grace Music, the album has been created with that same spirit of hard graft, self-determination, and homegrown skills. The albums links to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where it was originally conceived, home of the label and many of the album’s artists. Huddersfield is infamous for having the UK’s highest number of youths not in education, employment or training (“NEETs.”) In this regard Highest Frequency demonstrates that in a town faced with severe socio-political issues, its residents are inspired to expand themselves positively through creative means.


Create a platform for creative musicians graphic artists & videographers to exhibit their work.
Encourage peer-to-peer learning & development for the individuals within the project.
Establish & develop the careers of artists on the project.
Create a movement behind the project for listeners to follow, express their feeling about the project to the artists involved.
Market & Promote the project & its contributors on a national & global scale.


You can stream or download a copy of Highest Frequency here: