Belle Moore Benham

With her awesome new Lapwing EP out now we caught up with Singer Songwriter & Saving Grace Collaborator Belle Moore Benham for a quick chat.

Saving Grace 11 years ago

You’ve got your new Lapwing EP out on Whot Not Records right, can you tell us a little about it, how did that personality come to life what inspired you, what does Lapwing mean/represent?

A lapwing is a bird that has huge personal and historical meaning to me. It flies great distances to Yorkshire to migrate from Egypt and was viewed by the Ancient Egyptians as a symbol of praise and power. I have observed it over the years and it is an odd, vulnerable bird that lays it’s eggs on the ground and has the most bizarre skittish flight pattern. I have always felt an affinity to it!

Theres almost a neo-soul, post flyo tinge to this, can you tell us about some of your influences?

My influences are incredibly wide! I love Cocteau Twins, West African Music, Toumani Diabete/ Ali Farka Toure, Massive Attack, Grace Jones, Ann Peebles, Billie Holiday, Michal Nyman, Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, A Tribe Called Quest… Moroccan Gnawa music… Arca… Salt and Pepa, David Bowie too many to mention!

Whats your dream song collaboration dead or alive?

That is difficult. But probably Michael Nyman, Q Tip or Mulatu Astatqé.

What would you say you most enjoy about making music?

I love collaborating. The live element also.

Whats the name of the first track you ever made?

Free… a very embarrassing 10 year old me making music about saving the environment !

Tell us something people might not know about you?

I  am not French.

If you could go back in time a chat to a 10 year old Belle what would you say?

Have belief that music never “goes away” you cant just rid it from your life when it gets tough. It is both a solace and a heartbreaking thing to do and that is why it will be so addictive to you!

Right where can people find out about you online?

Belle Benham on Facebook –

Ouicestbelle on Twitter –

Soundcloud on Soundcloud –

Anybody you wanna big up & say hello to?

Just a big thankyou to WotNot music for putting it out. To K15 for producing and believing in me and a thankyou to Gavin Handley for kickstarting me back into music! 🙂



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