Recently we had the pleasure of getting in touch with ‘The Mind behind the Highest Frequency’ A&R & executive producer for The Highest frequency LP Maximus Du Bois….

Saving Grace 8 years ago

Good afternoon Max hows things?

All good, thank you

Can you tell us how you ended up working with Saving Grace Music?

Myself and Savvy are both from Huddersfield, I knew him first from hearing his music and then I met him and we talked in person a few times. I wanted to do some artwork for him, I made my first stop motion animation to convince him to let me do one for him and on the strength of this 20 second video he said yes. The video I made was for an instrumental track of his, it took me months to finish it, I don’t think he ever used in the end and but it was the prelude to this opportunity of putting out Highest Frequency on Saving Grace Music.

What types of elements do you look for in a demo?

There’s no formula, I just see how I feel in response to the music.

What does a day consist of for Max?

No two days are the same. I live with my girlfriend in Portugal, we moved out here be self-sufficient and independent of the control system of the UK. Typically we schedule the day into tasks that, get up early, have breakfast then work on these tasks and projects. It will be working on one of various projects that bring income in, or physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development in different forms. I enjoy spending my day reading, being visually creative, writing poetry and lyrics, beatboxing, listening to music, cultivating chi, practicing Taoist sex, exercising, learning new practical skills, going for walks and spending time in nature, meditating.

How much do trends and radio play, effect your decision in bring on board a new artist?

None. Mainstream radio does not give me good vibes, personally I feel it’s vapid, brain-washing bullshit. The music i’ve selected for the project doesn’t follow any trends it’s just good music that resonates with me.

What is your process when it comes to getting talent involved in a project of yours?

The process unfolded very naturally and I didn’t have to search far to find musical talent. The idea for Highest Frequency came about in the first place when I was with my close friends Surreal and ?ur?Kill, listening to their beats. I realized  I knew loads of gifted producers from Huddersfield and elsewhere. A few of the artists are friends I’ve known for years, others I met on my travels and some I was put in contact with through the artists I knew and Sav.

Your far more than just an executive producer though aren’t you? Your also and artist in your own right, did you design the artwork for the LP, can you tell us a little more about your inspiration for it?

Like all people I exceed definition with any label words could offer. It was me and my creative partner, the gifted artist Liam Canning who made the artwork. We use a technique called pyrography, where we burn images onto wood using a tool that is similar to a soldering iron. We created the piece used for the LP cover, which took somewhere around maybe 30 or 40 hourse to complete, lots of late night sessions when our creative sponteneity was at its highest. It just sort of created itself in a sense, we just let the image unfold of it’s own accord, almost as if it had a mind of its own. I believe Liam got into a Hudds Uni Fine Art course simply by taking that piece to his interview! We did separate pieces for the mix. The baby pic I did, the guy smoking the blunt was done by Liam and the head at the top was a collaboration between us when I was last in Huddersfield. Benaiah Matheson created the title and graphics and we spent a lot of time orchestrating the final LP cover design between us.

What do you think, when you hear the phrase “21st century A&R?’

Laurent Fintoni comes to mind, the guy behind the Original Cultures label and the now finished Rhythm Incursions and a journalist for various publications. That man is a legend and I think he’s done a lot for modern beat orientated music.

How can an artist stay connected and have a chance to get heard by yourself & Saving Grace Music?

Send me an email: or get in touch Savvy:

Who’s currently on your playlist?

Primarily electronic beat stuff. I listen to the Highest Frequency artists a lot. Om Unit’s album Threads has been on heavy rotation, it’s incredible. Shigeto, Sweatson Klank, Mala, Jneiro Jarel, Jesse Futerman, Invincible, Quasimoto, Silkie, Sunmonx, Abjo, Afta-1, Eliot Lipp, Lakim, James P, DFRNT, DJ Vibe, Hernan Cattaneo. A french compilation called Lithium by The Chemistry. I love all kinds of music. Recently Tom Waits, some kind of Bedouin music, Finley Quay, and last night this Portuguese style of music called Fado. From Hudds, Jehst, Savvy, The Scriptors, Jack Jetson, Walt Dismal. Huddersfield has so much talent, so many good DJs, MC’s and producers, loads of heads that keep making music, it’s really inspiring.

What are some of your qualities that you feel have helped you become successful today? (ie: work ethic, drive, passion)

Making countless mistakes. I’m still growing and I perceive that, as Immortal Technique said, “success is psychological”, and like all psychological states it comes and goes.

Whats your dream artist to release dead or alive?

Probably quite an obvious choice but Flying Lotus.

What would you say you most enjoy about working in the music industry?

Getting the tracks from the artists and listening to them, and when things go well when I’m in the flow, but also it can also be fun to learn a lot from mistakes made, which there were loads of.

What do you least enjoy about making music?

Having to communicate over the web and not being able to do it face to face.

Tell us something people might not know about you?

I live in an ambulance.

If you could go back in time a chat to a 10 year old Max what would you say?

Hypothetically if I did and could influence myself, i’d say stop playing so much Playstation, and i’d teach myself how to meditate and the myriad benefits of it. Really I think everything turned out perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Anybody you wanna big up & say hello to?

Everyone. All who have given and will give their support to this project. Endless love & respect to Mo, Leeor, Sal, Mig & ID, my Mum, Bill, Roo, Dad, my Grandma’s, all my Fletcher and Du Bois families, all the Gould and Barton families, all the Highest Frequency artists, all the beautiful ladies who lent their vocals to the project, Surreal, Orrest, Liston, Atlas, Illumin, Tony Phorse, Lokrian, Canoe Club, Abax, Saxadelic & Dj Sebel, RasOm & Dojo Dungeon, Arshaw, XLII, Myke Forte, Wood, DJ DLF, The Duke, The Grampian, Savvy, Therealdemo, Liam, Benaiah, Reese, Shauna, Becky, Ollie & Jamie Shaw, ?ur?Kill, Firstborn, Jingles, Riik-o’Shae, Ondis & Zugg-ting, and all my Huddersfield people and everyone. Rest in peace Brian Ernest Fletcher. Big up to you reading the article.

Thanks for your time Max its been a pleasure.

Thank you fam, stay blessed.

You can stream & download the Highest Frequency “MINIMIX” here:

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