Myke Forte

Myke Forte

Hailing from Birmingham, UK, Myke Forte (real name Mickel Leforde) is no stranger to Birmingham’s musical heritage and his city’s contribution to the scene. Starting out rapping over Ragga, Drum & Bass, and Garage, but he found a new affinity for production the first time he saw an Akai MPC2000.

Myke was originally a graphics student, until 2003 when his daughter was born; “I kinda left designing for a short time and that’s when I got into beatmaking on a more serious level,” he says. “After I felt cool about letting people hear my beats, I would go to open mic sessions just so I could play beats and rap to get a reaction. Overall I just love creativity, art, music, linking up with like-minded people and listening to their music.”

Myke achieved internet fame as a producer in the MySpace era for his participation in the infamous Louisden Beat Cyphers. He continues to be a prolific beatmaker with many beat tapes under his belt. Myke provided the cosmic Hip-Hop joint SynchronEyes for Highest Frequency Vol. 1.

“I love music like a family member, without it I have no finger prints.”

Myke Forte

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