The Maximum Leverage Playlist

Point your ears at our new Spotify playlist, Maximum Leverage. A mix of electronic classics, curated by Max DuBois.

Max Du Bois 2 years ago

Point your ears at our new Spotify playlist, Maximum Leverage. A mix of electronic classics, curated by Max DuBois.


1. Philip D Kick – Clouds

Kicking things off (pun intended) is Phillip D Kick, the footwork-producing alias of Om Unit, named after the prolific science fiction author.

This guy is a master of hooking you in, each new layer pulling you deeper, and Clouds does this expertly.

2. Redeyes & Tyler Daily – Late Night Jam (Lenzman Remix)

Everyone involved with the The North Quarter record label is putting out great music. Late Night Jam is one the most popular bangers from French drum n bass producer Redeyes.

This version is remixed beautifully by label boss Lenzman. Tyler Daley’s uplifting vocals remain, alongside Lenzman’s signature lush melodies and breaks.

3. Alix Perez, DLR & SP:MC – Keep Up

“With us three stepping on you best be alarmed, can’t mess with SP, Perez, DLR.” Keep Up is a dark drum and bass riddim from two champion producers that goes hard.

Veteran emcee SP spitting about being a boss is the cherry on the proverbial cake.

4. FD – The Feeling (ft. KinKai)

FD’s soulful breaks, teamed up with KinKai’s melodic singing and rapping, giving you The Feeling for real.

5. boys be kko – Big Boys Don’t Cry

Epic techno from the eccentric Japanese producer who’s always upto some funny stuff on his record covers. With Big Boys Don’t Cry, he gives diligent attention to detail and injects a lot of heart into the beat.

6. Eliphino – Condensation

Eliphino (‘ell if I know) was one of those guys who was ahead of his time. I first heard Condensation over a decade ago, and this bouncy house beat still makes my spine move involuntarily.

7. Max Graef – Itzehoe

He’s Swiss and called Max, and I’m abit Swiss and called Max, but beyond that we’re apparently connected by a shared love of infectious basslines. Itzehoe is a blunted house joint with a lot of attitude.

8. Kyle Hall – Str8 Rollin

Str8 Rollin is a wonky techno beat swaggering down the road as the synth sun shines momentarily through the trees. Wherever you’re going with this one the journey is smooth and funky.

9. Kenny Keys – Don’t Cry

Slowing it down with instrumental Hip-Hop, Don’t Cry just slaps, and that synth melody that comes in halfway through is cheeky. Kenny Keys always has the chops.

10. Sweatson Klank – Mazuku

A silky smooth Hip-Hop beat from a producer whose forte is compositions that are a pleasure to listen to. Mazuku swings with carefree abandon and Mr. Klank’s live instruments in the mix make it joyful.

11. Kamaal Williams – Hold On ft. Lauren Faith

Kamaal Williams’ retrofuturistic keys are the perfect backdrop to Lauren Faith’s haunting voice, which buries itself in your head and doesn’t leave. When the two elements intertwine partway through the whole thing expands and soars on some R&B ballad type ish.

I reckon Hold On is a song that will sound beautiful for decades.

12. Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue

It’s a journey within a journey. Mr. Points scores highly as usual with this jazzy house track that casually exhibits his gifted musicianship and production skills.

It takes more than 10 minutes to walk down Myrtle Avenue, passing through different areas with different sounds, and with a vocal refrain from FP’s mate Fatima, you’re engrossed the whole way.

13. FYI Chris – Youth Jazz

I don’t know anything about FYI Chris (turns out it’s two blokes called Chris), but I rate Youth Jazz’s downtempo beat and the jungle elements they gradually introduce very much. It’s kind of weird and I rate that too.

14. Philip D Kick – In Formation

In Formation evokes liquid dnb pioneer LTJ Bukem, with a chunky acid house synthesizer, frantic footwork percussion and a booming kick drum. It’s old school and futuristic, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

15. Kuedo – Scissors

Phillip K Dick’s influence reached multiple times into this playlist, tho that wasn’t a conscious decision. In 2011 Kuedo released a dope album called Severant, a collection of sci-fi dystopia themed footwork tracks that openly nodded to Vangelis’ soundtrack for Blade Runner. Scissors is one the slickest cuts off that album, and it still bangs hard today.

16. Fox, DRS & Calibre – Paper Weights

Paper Weights is one of the standout tracks on Fox’s LP, Squang Dangs in the Key of Vibes, which is an impressive album to start with. Calibre’s bluesy breaks are the solid backdrop to Fox’s powerful singing and an introspective chorus from DRS. This is characteristically top notch hypnotic liquid dnb from a master producer, while Manny’s finest smash it to bits on mic duty and make it sound effortless.

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