This week Savvy & Benaiah are joined by singer songwriter Samh

Saving Grace 5 years ago

This episode singer songwriter Samh pops by for a visit they talk; Wim Hof, The Brain & The Gut, Electric bikes, Extreme climbing & trapeze artists, Bacton-Shaw & Sam’s mystical roadtrip trip to Norfolfk, Ethiopia, Sam’s new single We Are Not Physical & his new EP glowinglow. Population Control, The Georgia Guide Stones, Community vs The Individual & The economy, The Huddersfield music scene, The first tape you every bought for your walkman, Nuts! Theresa Mays shotter husband, Ziplines & The darkness of Boris Johnson, escaping social media, TV’s a bit s**t nowadays, Black Mirror, Love, Death & Robots, Technology & Advertising, Micro-evolution, Yeast flakes, & The Ortolan

Album of the day is “A Tribe Called Quest” – “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm” courtesy of Steve at Vinyl Tap Records.

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