Rapper and producer Savvy is known for refreshing forward thinking hip hop with numerous classic singles albums under his belt and considered on of the most talented lyricists this country’s scene has to offer. His signature style and swagger have allowed him to break out of the confines of genre without having to compromise the quality of the music he makes.

Always developing growing as an artist Savvy now tilts his vision in another direction in the shape of “The Savoir~Faire”…. a collective of established and extremely talented up & coming session musicians he has assembled to perform and tour his older & new imminent releases.

Together they have reinvented Savvy’s older classics and brought a fresh dimension to his sound. Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock & Electronica & more are fused together alongside some compelling storytelling a thought provoking lyricism with a twist on content that really sets Savvy apart from the crowd.


Get ready from something truly unique, this is the Savoir~Faire…